Not much to say here today.  It’s been blissfully quiet!  We’ve kept busy — cleaning house so it’s back to our own again, getting everything back in order.  I’m starting to feel more relaxed about life and that’s a good feeling. So, really, the only reason I’m writing is to...Read more

Cleaning up the house

I made some great progress on the house last night! I mowed the lawn.  Grass grows differently here in the south, I think, than it does in Wisconsin and Minnesota.  It grows FAST.  And TALL.  I know it’s time to mow the lawn when I’m standing in the kitchen and...Read more

Back to life as usual

Justin’s family left yesterday.  We pretty much crashed from exhaustion, and now we’re starting to get the house sorted back out again and everything back to normal.  It was nice to see everybody.  I think good times were had by all.  (And a little frustration, too, but that happens with...Read more

Welcome to May! Hang on to your boots!

What?  No one else finds file cabinet organizing as exciting as I do?  Impossible! I actually have A LOT more to talk about filing, but I’m going to take it elsewhere.  I’ve got the website for my organizing business, so I’m going to post all these over on that site. ...Read more

Organizing your filing – part 1

A lot of people, it seems, have a hard time knowing how to organize their filing systems at home.  A big problem is that there are different theories about what you should toss and what you should keep and for how long.  Some people recommend one thing and other people...Read more