Keeping busy

We had a nice weekend around here. Saturday was kind of busy. We had chiropractor adjustments up in Bluffton. From there, we went down to mid-town Savannah and I donated platelets at the Red Cross donation center. It had been six months since my previous platelets donation! I don’t know...Read more

Monday and Tuesday were not very productive at home

Not much to post today. It’s been a not very productive couple days at home. Work has been good and I’ve nearly got a big thing completed that’s been in the works for a while and I’m happy that it’s almost done. But as far as home stuff? I stopped...Read more

1Q14 Update on the Smoky Mountain Planning

It’s been a while since I mentioned our plans to move to the mountains and start a life of living off the land with mud in our toes and the wind in our hair . . . or something like that. I figured I’d try to give quarterly updates if...Read more

And the house is empty again

Well, Justin and I have the house back to ourselves again, so I figured I’d take a few minutes to write about what’s happened over the last couple weeks. Is it already the 14th of January? Dang. Okay, Justin’s grandma (Rose) got into town late in the evening on December...Read more