Hurricane Matthew – part 2

We have decided that we are going to leave town after all. Not because we’re worried about the weather, although an increasing number of people keep saying that we should be. But because we’ve been intending to go up and visit Mom and Dad and this is a really good...Read more

Hurricane Matthew

The biggest storm to come up the coast since 2007 is on its way into town, so I figured I’d write about it. Hurricane Matthew has it’s own wikipedia page already and it’s a lot more accurate and detailed than I’ll be able to get, so if you want to...Read more

Stuff & Things

“Stuff & things” is a pretty general answer to the “What have you been up to?” question. In this case, it covers quite a lot. I worked 57 hours this week to try to get a project put together for Monday that I didn’t know was due Monday until Wednesday....Read more

Weekend accomplished!

After leaving work super-frustrated on Friday, I really wanted to take full advantage of my weekend, to make it feel like I was able to really squeeze the best out of the days that I didn’t have to deal with all the stuff happening at work right now. Today, I...Read more

Hello, February.

Right. And there goes January. As is the norm for me, even down here in the sunny south, January brought on a case of the Winter Blahs. It’s dark and cold (relatively-speaking) and I don’t feel like doing anything other than sitting on my butt and reading while simultaneously stuffing...Read more