Hurricane Matthew

The biggest storm to come up the coast since 2007 is on its way into town, so I figured I’d write about it. Hurricane Matthew has it’s own wikipedia page already and it’s a lot more accurate and detailed than I’ll be able to get, so if you want to know about the specifics of… Continue reading Hurricane Matthew

Stuff & Things

“Stuff & things” is a pretty general answer to the “What have you been up to?” question. In this case, it covers quite a lot. I worked 57 hours this week to try to get a project put together for Monday that I didn’t know was due Monday until Wednesday. And I’m not entirely finished,… Continue reading Stuff & Things

Weekend accomplished!

After leaving work super-frustrated on Friday, I really wanted to take full advantage of my weekend, to make it feel like I was able to really squeeze the best out of the days that I didn’t have to deal with all the stuff happening at work right now. Today, I feel like I successfully accomplished… Continue reading Weekend accomplished!