Random snippets of my Friday

Look what I found! And check it out, I didn’t just move everything over to the kitchen counter to do it. The stuff along the wall of the dining room are some of the pictures that need to get hung. They’re out of the way over there for now. I...Read more

Mid-March goal updates

It’s been about a month since I wrote about my goals, so how about an update on that? First, a quick reminder that my goals by June 31st are: Pay at least $200/month extra toward our debts Sew at least 1 skirt and 1 shirt Be able to play 3...Read more

How did I do on my goals for last week?

I started on this post over the weekend to show how I’d done on my goals for last week. I was going to post it on Monday, along with an updated list for this coming week. And then I woke up on Monday and fought against a panic attack all...Read more

Goal planning and Me

I’ve spent a bit of time lately considering my goals and wishes for my life. I find that I have a lot of “I wish” things. Things like “I wish I spoke German” and “I wish I could play guitar” and “I wish Justin and I could travel to Austria.”...Read more

Goals and plans

I’ve been trying to figure out where to start this post, but I’m having trouble. There are so many thoughts bouncing around in this head of mine and they refuse to settle down into organized sentences. Let’s see if they’ll fall out into an un-sorted list: Seeing everybody for the...Read more