How did I do on my goals for last week?

I started on this post over the weekend to show how I’d done on my goals for last week. I was going to post it on Monday, along with an updated list for this coming week.

And then I woke up on Monday and fought against a panic attack all day long. Huge amounts of anxiety and paranoia and issues. Wanna know how much fun that was at work? It was ZERO fun. Fortunately, I have an awesome husband and once I got home, my evening was delightfully relaxing. And I didn’t touch my computer all evening.

Here we are on Tuesday now, and I guess it’s not too late to post this information. It’s just not quite as timely as I’d hoped.

So, how did I do on my goals for last week?

  • Pull out the items for Craigslist and eBay that we were going to sell and get them looking nice, take pictures, figure out how much they’re worth, and get them listed.
    • Things posted:
      • Glass bowls from the wedding that we never found a reason to use
      • Screen door that we never used and I’m not entirely sure where it actually came from in the first place
      • Tennis racquet that I never used because, of the racquet games, I prefer racquetball
      • Old TV that’s been sitting in a corner because we don’t need three TVs. We hardly use two.
      • Old TV and stand that we don’t want to use anymore. The stand’s just been taking up space and we really only use one TV and the other one is better.
    • Things not yet posted because they’re in the attic and we didn’t get up there:
      • Jars from the wedding that have been in box since the day of the wedding
      • Castle building set that I’ve never seen outside of the box
    • Sadly, no bites from anyone interested in buying anything yet.
  • Review budgets for February and make sure we’re sticking to them.
    • So far so good!!
  • Look up the information about gored skirts again and work out the details on how to create a pattern for that.
    • I got distracted by looking up patterns and fabric for a flannel shirt for Dad, so I didn’t do the skirt, but I have made progress on the shirt.
    • Also, I made a little pin cushion just for fun
  • Pull out the guitar, re-learn how to tune the strings, and read though the book I bought about how to learn how to play.
    • Tuned the strings and practiced out of the book for a while
    • Started setting up a time to do Skype lessons with Dad
  • Go walking/do aerobics or yoga/go for a bike ride a couple times this week.
    • This one was a big fat failure. I can do better!
  • Ask Justin if he needs/wants  my help with the Chattanooga planning.
    • Nope, he’s good.
  • Figure out what plant to grow – I’ve got parsley already, if I can keep it alive. What else do I want to grow? Basil? Oregano? Strawberries?
    • Yeah, I’m still not sure about this one.
  • Remember to water the parsley.
    • The parsley will live to see another week!
  • Look up what goes into Lean/Six Sigma training.
    • I did nothing on this one at all.
  • Go to the library and look up books on goal planning (also pick up books on gardening and sewing)
    • And I never made it close to the library

Looking at this coming week, I’m not going to make very many goals for myself because we’re going to be out of town. (Any robbers interested in the house, our neighbors have dogs and they keep an eye on our house very well because it’s attached to their own and they use our parking spaces!) And in order to work a 4 day week two weeks in a row, I have to put in long hours the next couple days.

That said, this is what I’m looking at this week:

  • Contact people back if they email about the things on Craigslist
  • Don’t spend crazy lots of money in Chattanooga
  • Figure out a pattern and fabric for the shirt for Dad
  • Have a guitar lesson with Dad on Thursday
  • Walk as much as possible, whenever possible
  • Explore Chattanooga and see if it’s somewhere we’d like to eventually move. And have a whole heck of a lot of fun while we’re at it; enjoy each other’s company while we’re driving, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the changing of the weather, and just enjoy the ever-living snot out of the whole weekend.

And then there’s things like packing and doing laundry and finishing the project for Mom and sending that back to her, working 40 hours (minimum) and getting a new tire on the car before we drive 6 hours each way on a bald tire.

Thankfully, the anxiety that plagued me yesterday hasn’t been a problem today. And that’s great because something is going on with people at work and everybody’s already a little bit on edge.

If you don’t hear from me again in a couple days, it’s because I’m working like crazy and then enjoying myself like crazy! I’ll try to come back from Chattanooga with loads and loads of photos! (Because they’re the souvenir that’s FREE!)