Just a quick post-script to yesterday’s post. I mentioned that after Kay leaves we’ll probably be alone in the house for “a VERY LONG TIME.” And I realized that the TN Fritz kids could misinterpret that, since we haven’t invited them over to stay for a week this year like...Read more

Mid-March goal updates

It’s been about a month since I wrote about my goals, so how about an update on that? First, a quick reminder that my goals by June 31st are: Pay at least $200/month extra toward our debts Sew at least 1 skirt and 1 shirt Be able to play 3...Read more

Chattanooga trip! (part 2)

All the pictures in this post are from Rock City, which I’ll talk about in a minute. They’re the only pictures I have from Sunday and since I’ve got a bunch of them and posts with pictures are more interesting, I think, you get a lot of random pictures of...Read more

Chattanooga trip! (part 1)

Hang on tight — this is another really long one. With photos! But DANG. LONG. Our trip to Chattanooga was fantastic! It had it’s little hiccups, but it was all awesome in the end. For example, we planned to set out after our chiropractor appointment on Friday morning. We got...Read more

How did I do on my goals for last week?

I started on this post over the weekend to show how I’d done on my goals for last week. I was going to post it on Monday, along with an updated list for this coming week. And then I woke up on Monday and fought against a panic attack all...Read more