Justin made it to CA and I worked on cleaning

Justin’s flights yesterday went much more smoothly than his failed flight on Wednesday. He arrived in San Diego around 3:30 according to my clock (12:30 according to the clocks in CA). Unfortunately, his grandma called him when he was in Dallas to let him know that she wasn’t feeling well at all and wasn’t going to be able to make the two hour drive to pick him up from the airport. His aunt and uncle in town had important meetings in the afternoon, so they couldn’t get him right away, either. So he ended up sitting at the airport and reading for a few hours until they got off work. He didn’t mind — he sat around reading.

When I talked with him later in the evening, he was on his way with his aunt and uncle out to his grandma’s house. They were driving him out there so his grandma wouldn’t feel the need to make that drive when she wasn’t feeling entirely recovered.

I worked a full day’s work and then went home and cleaned the kitchen that had been sitting neglected for a few days while we worked on getting Justin ready to travel. Three days of dirty dishes rinsed and into the dishwasher and all the counters cleaned off and the fridge checked for food that had gone bad (that was one fuzzy onion). And then I worked on the pile of random things sitting in the dining room. It’s stuff like tools that don’t have a real home yet, stuff that I’m going to list on Craigslist to see if I can find a buyer, and my Smurf glasses that I have to find somewhere safe to display or store. I have to pick things up one-by-one and think “If I was to go looking for this thing again, where would I start?” Like wallpaper trim that fits the theme that we use in the kitchen and we will use once we have a kitchen that we can paper. And two rolls of colored contact paper that might be handy eventually. And all the hooks we used to hang the pictures at the townhouse that are in good enough shape that we can use them again when Justin is back  home and we’re hanging the pictures here.

I didn’t clear the table, but I cleared enough so the stuff sitting on the floor could fit onto the table instead, and being able to see under the table was enough of an accomplishment for one day. And I was tired. So I actually went to bed an hour and a half earlier than I would normally.

I know. It’s so exciting!

Justin heads to San Diego, with limited success

A rundown of yesterday’s events.

  • Justin dropped me off at the doctor’s office in Bluffton for some lab work and an echocardiogram (just checking on that heart murmur again — nothing to worry about).
  • He took the car to Tire Kingdom to get the oil changed.
  • We walked to meet up in between the two places after I was done and had breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.
  • After the car was done getting maintenanced, we went to Target to pick up a few things.
  • And then we went to the chiropractor’s office for adjustments and so Justin could work on their computers. I played with our chiropractor’s toddler while Justin fixed computers.
  • We drove back to Pooler to pick up Justin’s luggage and take care of a few last minute things.
  • And then we drove up to the Atlanta airport (3 1/2 hours), stopping for dinner at Captain D’s on the way.
  • Justin got checked into the airport, we had our tearful goodbye, and he went through security.
  • I started to drive home, frantically trying to find my way to I-75 south in very busy traffic while tamping down my sadness about leaving Justin.
  • Through the app on my phone tracking his flights, I saw that Justin’s flight got delayed an hour. His layover in Dallas was just about 2 hours, to that connection would have still been possible.
  • I kept on driving home.
  • Justin’s flight got delayed an additional half hour. They’re cutting it close now.
  • I stopped for gas and then kept on driving. I got a call from Justin telling me that they were booking him on a new flight from Dallas in the morning. He’d fly to Dallas, stay at  hotel there (provided by the airline) and then fly to San Diego in the morning.
  • Justin’s flight got delayed another half hour.
  • I got a call from Justin letting me know that they cancelled the flight entirely. Whatever was wrong with the airplane was not going to be fixed. All the passengers were provided a hotel room for the night and rebooked onto flights in the morning. He was still working on knowing the details so I should call when I got home.
  • I made it home around 10:00. Dragged my tired butt into the house and called Justin. He was just getting onto a shuttle to his hotel so he called me back once he was in and settled. We talked a little and then both of us set off to bed because it had been a very long day.

Justin assures me that it’s better this way, now that his flight will arrive in the early afternoon instead of in the very late evening. This way, his aunt doesn’t need to drive to the airport so late at night. And instead of arriving in mid-morning, like the middle plan had it when he was flying from Dallas in the morning, his grandma can pick him up in the early afternoon and his aunt doesn’t need to take time away from work to pick him up in the morning. So it should all work out fine in the end. And he wasn’t in a big hurry to get to San Diego on any sort of deadline. I called him this morning on my way to the office to make sure he was awake and getting ready to head to the airport. Again. He seemed to be in pretty good spirits. I would have been FREAKING OUT. Hopefully when it’s my turn to fly out in 3 weeks, this won’t happen to me.

Until then, I’m on my own in the apartment. I have plans to finish the unpacking and getting things all nice and tidy and organized. And then I have lots of crafting projects that I want to work on. Lots of stuff to keep me busy and occupied. I even have an app that I’m going to use to try to track my sleep patterns while I’ve got the bed to myself — it tracks movement to get an idea about how well you’re sleeping, so it doesn’t work well when there’s more than one person in the bed. Hopefully, though keeping myself busy and with the help of unlimited cell phone plans, I won’t get too lonely over the next several weeks.

I’ll try to keep you posted!

Update on life in Georgia

Okay, time to sit down and write about what’s been keeping me busy for the last several weeks. This post is going to be poorly written, I expect, and quite rambling because I’m tired and a little bit brain-dead. Just go with it.

As you all know, work was super crazy there for a while with this meeting thing and that went off VERY well and things have been a little more quiet lately. But not too quiet because I’ve still got a lot going on. They announced our program recently so I can talk about it now, except that I’ll keep on not writing about specifics about work on here much because that’s a quick way to get fired. But I’m currently working on the schedule for what the people in my department will be doing for the next 6 months or so and it’s taking a long time to get that all nailed down and make people as happy as . . . well, not very happy at all, really, but as good as I’m able to do anyway.

So work is part of what’s keeping me busy and the move is what’s keeping the rest of my day busy.

We had our walk through at the house in Bluffton yesterday. Our landlady was driving through on the way to a wedding, so we met up with her to do that. We’re still not sure how much of our security deposit we’re going to get back, but hopefully it’ll be most of it. We should know within 30 days, since that’s how long she has to send it back to us, along with a detailed explanation of what didn’t get sent back. Hopefully that’ll happen sooner than later.

Meanwhile, we’re working on getting settled into the new apartment, which is still really wonderful. And still an ENORMOUS mess. We’ve got the kitchen, the bedroom (except for the closet), and the main bathroom mostly sorted. The living room, sun room, and office are still filled with boxes. And the dining room is filled with things that will end up in the garage when that becomes available. I’m looking forward to getting the bikes and beach stuff out of the way.

A lot of time was spent working on getting the other place packed up and cleaned up and all ready for the walk through. We’d head up for a chiropractor appointment and then spend an hour working on the place and then head home and go to bed — that was the entire evening. Last time we were there, we spent an hour just chatting with our neighbors, who we’re going to miss because they were lovely people.

We had a yard sale a couple weekends ago and that took up a lot of time. But we managed to sell most of the big things we wanted to sell and made about $500 doing it. We took the rest to the thrift store and gave away the big TV that no one would buy. And we have a few light fixtures in the dining room that we’re going to list on Craigslist and see if we can get rid of those. We had them in the apartment in Savannah before we moved to Bluffton and then never needed them in Bluffton, and we don’t need them here, either.

Currently, my unpacking project is the file cabinet. I’m going through the files to make sure things are in the right places and clear out things that can get tossed. I’m maybe 1/4 of the way through and it’s long and tedious and doesn’t look like all that much. But there are 4 or 5 boxes holding these files and they’re all stacked up on top of the file cabinet (it’s a lateral file, so it’s pretty wide). That space that will eventually have decorations and books on it, so those things are stuck somewhere else until I can get the files done and clear those boxes away.

I’m so tired of this moving thing. Maybe we should just toss everything that’s left and learn how to live more minimalistically.

Like that would EVER work for us…

Anyway, outside of unpacking and trying to find some order in the house, or at least find a room where I feel like I can actually relax in all of this mess, we’re also preparing for Justin to head out of town for a while. I mentioned before that he’s going to head back to his grandmother’s house to help her work on fixing it up a little so it’s easier to sell and less dangerous for her to live in. He’s going to do that in November. His flight is the first Wednesday in November. My flight is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And then our flights back are the following Tuesday.

It’s going to be a long three weeks all alone in this apartment. But it is going to be SO CLEAN by the time he gets back.

And I will definitely have figured out this alarm system by then, too.

So that’s what’s happening there.

I mostly feel okay with everything. The house in Bluffton and the walk through have been stressing me out incredibly, but now that’s done and hopefully will be fine from here out. There are some very sad things going on with other people (with Paul’s son’s passing and Justin’s stepdad’s brother passing) and I feel awful for them. I’m starting to get anxious about Justin heading to California and how much I’m going to miss him while he’s away and how I’m going to handle being on my own in a new place and all the things that go into that situation. I’m frustrated at this thing at work taking as long as it is but I’m looking forward to it being done. The chaos in the house makes me twitch a little (sometimes a lot), but it’s getting better piece by piece. Not as fast as I would like, obviously. But it’s getting better. I made brownies the other day because I actually could find a mixing bowl, spatula, the box of mix, and a baking dish. It was an accomplishment! A delicious accomplishment. 🙂

So things are holding together. I’m hopeful that the next couple weeks will be nice and calm. I could use some calm.

I’ll try to get some pictures of the house eventually. I really really don’t want to take pictures of this mess right now, so you’ll just have to wait until I can take photos that don’t make me twitch so badly.

I hope you’re all doing great! And I’ll try to write again soon.


Visiting Grandma Fritz and the MN Ren Fest and stuff

Okay, so I said I’d try to update more frequently again because there’s a lot going on right now and I’m sure you’d all like to know how it’s going.

Well, I don’t have a lot about the current stuff that I can talk about on here just yet because I’m not sure who reads this and since things are still in flux, I’m not willing to write about stuff that might still yet change. So. Yeah. It’s still in works and we will definitely have something to talk about in a day or two.

That said, I can write about the couple of days we had after the family reunion. We had such a great time hanging out with everybody at the family reunion, by the way! Always one of the highlights of the year. And I really need to go see what’s available for cabins in the driving-distance for everybody area, but let’s be honest. It’s not going to happen ANY TIME SOON.

OK. Monday, after seeing Luke & Krista and Mom & Dad off on their ways home, Justin and I went to the MN Renaissance Festival. Julie met us there (because she didn’t really feel comfortable standing around during our heartfelt goodbyes when she doesn’t really know anyone) and we wandered around for a while. It was a muddy mess from the rain the night previous, but the weather was still really nice and cool and it was lovely. I put on sunscreen three times during the day and I still got a sunburn. Go figure.

I’d forgotten how much bigger the MN faire is compared to the GA faire. It’s ENORMOUS. There are so many shops to look at and so many different stages with musicians and entertainment groups. They also have a petting zoo with either sheep or very fuzzy goats, I’m honestly not sure which. To my GREAT ENJOYMENT, the petting zoo is right next to the elephant rides where there were two beautiful creatures, one giving rides at that time while the other ate some breakfast. And just when I thought I couldn’t get any more happy, two baby highland cows walked over and into the pen just next to where I was staring enraptured at the elephants.

And that was when I started crying at the Renaissance festival. True fact. I stood there looking at those beautiful soft pink noses on those cows and those wonderful floppy ears on the elephants, knowing that as soon as I had the chance, I was going to go over and pet those goats (or sheep, whatever they were), and I was so happy in that space and time that I started to cry. Which Justin and Julie both thought was amusingly appropriate for me.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes of letting me spend time in the petting zoo (I swear it was only 5 minutes, maybe 10, but they both insist it was at least 20), they dragged me away to look at the rest of the faire.

We saw a lot of beautiful handcrafted items, like musical instruments and jewelry. We saw a lot of shows and musical groups.We saw a terribly inappropriate gentleman doing bawdry poetry who would stop anytime anyone younger than 18 years old walked into hearing range and just stare at them uncomfortably. Or he’d switch over to “And the LORD saith to Moses!” in the hopes that they’d keep on walking. If they stopped, he walk over to the parents and ask “Do you know what kind of show this is? Do you REALLY want your children here?” It’s quite possible that watching him deal with the fact that kids kept stopping was more funny than his inappropriate poetry.

We saw the Tortuga Twins show, during which they completely lost the script at least 3 different times, made up jokes about mailing packages through the USPS and the Affordable Care Act, and one of them essentially mooned the entire audience. And then they were flashed by a member of the audience. This is a very different show than the one they do in Georgia! Turns out, that’s what happens when more than half of the people are drunk by that time of the day.

It was still a whole lot of fun, though! And I found this really gorgeous clay cup that has mountains and trees and flowers on it and as soon as I saw it (Justin showed it to me), it made my heart beat faster because it’s just THAT perfect! It’s sitting on the desk here next to me but I can’t get any pictures right now, so I’ll have to show you another time.

Anyway, it was a wonderful day at the faire and then we went back to Erica’s house to see the kids before they went to bed. After that, Justin, Julie and I went out to get some dinner, before coming back home, sending photos to Walgreens for processing, and then heading to bed.

The next morning, Justin and I got to walk with Chloe down to her bus stop for her first day of kindergarten and that was a terrifically fun time. I think I was the most sad of everybody there. What’s up with that?! She got onto that bus like a pro! Except for the part where her backpack was so big she almost didn’t fit in between the rows of seats. After seeing her off, we got all packed up and then sat and chatted with Erica for a while after that before heading off to drive down to Madison, WI.

That part of the trip was mostly uneventful. We were running later than expected, so I called and chatted with Mom about whether or not we should actually go and see Grandma Mick and we decided that it would probably be better to just head to Grandma Fritz’s and not worry about it. There are a lot of reasons behind that, and I don’t feel guilty about it.

We made it to Madison, picked up the photos from the Walgreens and then picked up the rental car and said our goodbye’s to Julie. She’s staying with her parents there until she flies out to Nevada to spend time traveling with Becky — her flight is actually Monday morning!

From Madison, we drove to Grandma’s house, where she and Dee had dinner just about finished. We chatted and I showed her the photos we’d brought for her. She didn’t think we were leaving them for her at first and was delighted to hear that they were hers to keep! We ate a delicious dinner and then honestly just sat around chatting and looking at photos and chatting some more. Paul came over to pick up Dee before it got too terribly late, but Grandma and Justin and I sat up talking until almost 11:00 at night! I learned more about Great-grandma Egan than I’d ever expected to know! Apparently she really did not like Grandma and made it very clear. It was actually quite sad to hear, but it emphasized to me so much more about what a gentle and kind woman Grandma Fritz is and how she’s possibly the most loving woman I’ve ever met.

And I want to guilt all of my siblings into going to go visit her because she is truly a DELIGHT and I don’t know why none of you go visit her if you’re in the area. Our cousins don’t visit her much, either, but she keeps track of all of us and keeps photos on her walls and on tables (because she ran out of wall space) and loves to hear about what we’re doing. You should at least be sending her letters and photos now and then. Justin and I are the least interesting, I think, because we don’t have adorable kids to ooh and aaah over and you should be allowing her that opportunity. And she’s great to chat with and has a great sense of humor and the 6 hours that we sat there chatting went by so quickly because we were having such a wonderful time.

Seriously. She’s a lovely woman and I wish you’d all spend more time thinking about her. I know that she is hard to talk with on the phone because she doesn’t hear well, but she pours over every letter and photo she gets and shows them off to anyone she possibly can. (Did you know Molly and Aimee both have several kids?) She’s so very proud of all of us and loves to hear about what we’re doing!

Write to your Grandma.

Okay, I’ll stop guilting you all now.

Justin and I spent a very short night (5 hours or so and I woke up just about every hour thinking I’d missed my alarm) before dragging ourselves downstairs where Grandma had juice and cereal set up and made me a cup of coffee (she told Justin it’s the first cup of coffee she’d made for anyone in 7 years). We spent as long as we could lingering over breakfast, but eventually we had to tear ourselves away and head to the Milwaukee airport and hop onto a plane.

Sadly, we didn’t get to sit in business class like we did on the way up. This was very disappointing, as you can imagine. But the flight was uneventful and we landed and collected our slightly more damaged luggage and got on the shuttle back to where we’d parked the car and then drove back home again. We got into town in the late afternoon, hauled everything into the house, showered FINALLY, and then went to get chiropractic adjustments because I NEEDED ONE.

And then I climbed into bed around 9:30 completely exhausted so I could get up at 5:00 to get ready for a long day at work. Which it was. And so was Friday. Saturday, we made it through all the washing and did some research on that other thing that’s going on. And we continued more of that research this afternoon. I promise I’ll write about that as soon as I can. I think we should have decisions made by Wednesday.

Anyway! That’s what I can write about for the last week or so. And it’s now 30 minute past my bed time and I have a meeting at 7:00 tomorrow morning that’s going to be NO FUN, so I’ve got to get some sleep.

I hope you’re all doing great! I’ll try to write again soon.