Update on life in Georgia

Okay, time to sit down and write about what’s been keeping me busy for the last several weeks. This post is going to be poorly written, I expect, and quite rambling because I’m tired and a little bit brain-dead. Just go with it.

As you all know, work was super crazy there for a while with this meeting thing and that went off VERY well and things have been a little more quiet lately. But not too quiet because I’ve still got a lot going on. They announced our program recently so I can talk about it now, except that I’ll keep on not writing about specifics about work on here much because that’s a quick way to get fired. But I’m currently working on the schedule for what the people in my department will be doing for the next 6 months or so and it’s taking a long time to get that all nailed down and make people as happy as . . . well, not very happy at all, really, but as good as I’m able to do anyway.

So work is part of what’s keeping me busy and the move is what’s keeping the rest of my day busy.

We had our walk through at the house in Bluffton yesterday. Our landlady was driving through on the way to a wedding, so we met up with her to do that. We’re still not sure how much of our security deposit we’re going to get back, but hopefully it’ll be most of it. We should know within 30 days, since that’s how long she has to send it back to us, along with a detailed explanation of what didn’t get sent back. Hopefully that’ll happen sooner than later.

Meanwhile, we’re working on getting settled into the new apartment, which is still really wonderful. And still an ENORMOUS mess. We’ve got the kitchen, the bedroom (except for the closet), and the main bathroom mostly sorted. The living room, sun room, and office are still filled with boxes. And the dining room is filled with things that will end up in the garage when that becomes available. I’m looking forward to getting the bikes and beach stuff out of the way.

A lot of time was spent working on getting the other place packed up and cleaned up and all ready for the walk through. We’d head up for a chiropractor appointment and then spend an hour working on the place and then head home and go to bed — that was the entire evening. Last time we were there, we spent an hour just chatting with our neighbors, who we’re going to miss because they were lovely people.

We had a yard sale a couple weekends ago and that took up a lot of time. But we managed to sell most of the big things we wanted to sell and made about $500 doing it. We took the rest to the thrift store and gave away the big TV that no one would buy. And we have a few light fixtures in the dining room that we’re going to list on Craigslist and see if we can get rid of those. We had them in the apartment in Savannah before we moved to Bluffton and then never needed them in Bluffton, and we don’t need them here, either.

Currently, my unpacking project is the file cabinet. I’m going through the files to make sure things are in the right places and clear out things that can get tossed. I’m maybe 1/4 of the way through and it’s long and tedious and doesn’t look like all that much. But there are 4 or 5 boxes holding these files and they’re all stacked up on top of the file cabinet (it’s a lateral file, so it’s pretty wide). That space that will eventually have decorations and books on it, so those things are stuck somewhere else until I can get the files done and clear those boxes away.

I’m so tired of this moving thing. Maybe we should just toss everything that’s left and learn how to live more minimalistically.

Like that would EVER work for us…

Anyway, outside of unpacking and trying to find some order in the house, or at least find a room where I feel like I can actually relax in all of this mess, we’re also preparing for Justin to head out of town for a while. I mentioned before that he’s going to head back to his grandmother’s house to help her work on fixing it up a little so it’s easier to sell and less dangerous for her to live in. He’s going to do that in November. His flight is the first Wednesday in November. My flight is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And then our flights back are the following Tuesday.

It’s going to be a long three weeks all alone in this apartment. But it is going to be SO CLEAN by the time he gets back.

And I will definitely have figured out this alarm system by then, too.

So that’s what’s happening there.

I mostly feel okay with everything. The house in Bluffton and the walk through have been stressing me out incredibly, but now that’s done and hopefully will be fine from here out. There are some very sad things going on with other people (with Paul’s son’s passing and Justin’s stepdad’s brother passing) and I feel awful for them. I’m starting to get anxious about Justin heading to California and how much I’m going to miss him while he’s away and how I’m going to handle being on my own in a new place and all the things that go into that situation. I’m frustrated at this thing at work taking as long as it is but I’m looking forward to it being done. The chaos in the house makes me twitch a little (sometimes a lot), but it’s getting better piece by piece. Not as fast as I would like, obviously. But it’s getting better. I made brownies the other day because I actually could find a mixing bowl, spatula, the box of mix, and a baking dish. It was an accomplishment! A delicious accomplishment. 🙂

So things are holding together. I’m hopeful that the next couple weeks will be nice and calm. I could use some calm.

I’ll try to get some pictures of the house eventually. I really really don’t want to take pictures of this mess right now, so you’ll just have to wait until I can take photos that don’t make me twitch so badly.

I hope you’re all doing great! And I’ll try to write again soon.