Stuff & Things

“Stuff & things” is a pretty general answer to the “What have you been up to?” question. In this case, it covers quite a lot.

  • I worked 57 hours this week to try to get a project put together for Monday that I didn’t know was due Monday until Wednesday. And I’m not entirely finished, mostly because I need input from one of my coworkers who said he saved a file but I couldn’t find it and he was out of the office.
  • I got my permanent crown put on my back tooth and it went just fine. While I was there, I asked them to check on my filling, which they’d replaced a week before that, because I couldn’t floss between a couple teeth and it was hurting a lot and rubbing oddly. The rubbing was apparently what was causing the pain and the flossing problem was a bit of the sealant stuck in between my teeth. Now that the filling has been smoothed down a bit, everything feels just fine. And I can floss normally. Interestingly, to me, my new filling is the same color as my teeth, so even though I had all this work done to my teeth, they don’t look any different. In fact, they look better, because the silver filling is gone. It’s also textured like my teeth, instead of mostly flat like it was before. My teeth feel different to my tongue, but they look normal. It’s a little odd.
  • Justin and I are working on running again. I can run 20 minutes solid, but most days, I’m following the Couch to 5k program on my phone. I can run a mile in that 20 minutes, thankfully, but I’m not entirely sure how much further. And the scale is not showing much progress for me losing weight, but I haven’t been tracking my food much, so I’m not entirely surprised. Mostly, it feels good to be able to run at least a little bit again.
  • Spring has officially blossomed all over everything. There are boxes of tissues all over the house, and the trash cans are overflowing with crumpled up discards. I’ve given up on trying to wear my contacts for a while. I’ve gave upon makeup the last couple days, too, since I just rubbed it all off by the end of the day Thursday. We finally broke down and picked up a box of generic Claritin yesterday. Justin is feeling better today, but he hasn’t stepped outside of the house yet today, either. He refuses, on the basis that “there’s pollen out there.” Our street and the apartment complex are completely surrounded by pine trees. I hate pine trees.
  • On Fridays, we’ve been taking our running clothes when we head up to Bluffton for our chiropractic appointments and heading out to the beach to go running before we head home. It makes for a nice change of pace than running around the pond behind our building (0.2 mile each loop) and it’s a nice surface for running on. The added wonderful bonus is that there’s pretty much guaranteed to be wind blowing in off the water, meaning it’s blowing in fresh, clear air from the ocean and there’s not any pollen from all the dreadful trees. It’s quickly becoming a highlight of my week. Once it gets more busy at the beach, and the pollen settles back down, we’ll probably swap to running on a trail in the woods that we used to go running on when we lived in town.
  • This past Friday, it started raining heavily when we were running on the beach. It had been going really well up until then, but I don’t like running in the rain because I don’t like getting water in my eyes (I’d have been better if I’d brought my hat) and I don’t like getting chilled, and it was a chilly rain. And, weirdly, as soon as the rain started, Justin’s allergies kicked up. So we headed back home, and got stuck in traffic when a crash on the only bridge off the island reduced progress to a single lane during the home-going rush. It took us an hour to go what should have taken us 15 minutes.
  • I have not made any progress on the craft I want to make for the kids, for a variety of reasons, none of which are terribly good. I hope to have them done before Mom & Dad get here, though, so they can deliver them when they drive around. Of course, we’ll have to mail the ones to the TN Fritz kids.
  • I’m excited for Mom & Dad to visit! I have to figure out if there’s anything exciting happening in town that day.
  • Tomorrow is our seven year anniversary. We have no idea what we’d like to do to celebrate.
  • We finally bought the part that’s been missing from the bread maker for about 2 years. The little paddle attachment at the bottom got tossed out with a bad loaf of bread. Turns out, they’re only about $10 on Amazon. We’ve had a lot of bread in the last couple weeks. Deliciousness! And since our grocery budget is having to stretch pretty thin, it’s been a cheap way to do some meals.
  • I’ve donated platelets three times now and I’m scheduled to back again on April 18th. It turns out my platelets count is very high and they love having me come in. This last time, I asked to do whole blood at the end, since I’m O neg, and they actually said no. That they’d rather I just do platelets, since my count is so high and I can come in more frequently if I don’t do whole blood. They said they have enough people coming in to donate blood, but not enough for platelets.
  • I actually got an email from the Red Cross regarding my donation on the 27th of February saying that after finding out that there was enough supply locally, my donation was sent up to hospitals in Atlanta. I thought it was cool that they let me know that it had been sent out.
  • After my last donation, last Saturday (21 March), I ended up sleeping most of the day after getting home. It’s not the same type of tired after donating whole blood, but apparently I needed some sleep afterward. I felt fine the next day. As long as that’s the only side effect I get, and my platelets count doesn’t go down below 300k/mcL or something, I’ll keep doing platelets every three weeks or so.
  • There’s a Tractor Supply Co. on our way into Bluffon that opened a few months ago, I think. It’s like a smaller Farm ‘n’ Fleet, if I remember correctly — it’s been a long time since I’ve been in Farm ‘n’ Fleet. I’d heard that they had inexpensive rain boots and I wanted to check if I could find some that were either ankle-high or wide enough to fit over my calves. (Did I ever tell the story about getting stuck in a garden boot at Lowe’s?) They didn’t end up having any that fit great and were in our price range, but they did have a lot of fun other things that reminded us, once again, that we really wish we were country-living folk instead of apartment dwellers. They had a lot of tools and some cute shirts and things. And then they also had chicks. And baby ducks. And Justin just stood there by the ducks while I wandered around the store. It was like when he took me to the San Diego Safari Park and left me at the elephants for a while. Happiest I’ve seen him in ages.

I should go get dinner started. I’ve babbled on enough to make you all bored, I’m sure. 🙂 Justin and Kay are both on their computers, playing games online with people, but not each other. I’m the only true introvert in the house and I’m waiting for my Nook to charge up enough that I can keep on reading everything ever written by Robert Asprin — I’m on book 12 of the M.Y.T.H. Inc. series. But they’re only about 100 – 150 pages each, so that isn’t much of an accomplishment, really.

And I’m babbling again instead of making rice. And dinner’s getting later and later. Time to go! Have a great day!

Things that I’ve been doing

It’s Friday afternoon! I worked part of today to make up for lost time on Wednesday. I have some sick hours that I could use, so I didn’t get my full 40 hours in of work, but I’ll still get a full paycheck, which is nice. And not working the whole week has helped me calm down some, too, and not be quite so stressed out.

Our chiropractor appointment is in a few hours, so Justin is still working — there’s something weird going on with the checkout function on the website he hosts for a client and he’s trying to figure out why it’s happening. So once again I’m in the living room where I’m less of a distraction so he can concentrate. 🙂

Last night we watched an episode of Agent Carter, which is the mid-season break show happening in the S.H.I.E.L.D. timeslot. Not that we really care where it’s on or when because we watch it on Hulu. But it’s a fantastic show following Agent Peggy Carter, who was in the first Captain America movie and then had a Marvel short film about her and she is, in a word, AWESOME. She kicks butt and takes names, all while looking fabulous in her 1950’s bright red fedora in a black and white men’s world. This week’s episode was one of the best so far. If you’re at all into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you should be watching this show. And then S.H.I.E.L.D. when it comes back on again, too — it had a slow start, but the current season has been fantastic.

In other TV related news, because I’m really short of interesting things to chat about today, we’ve been watching Arrow, which is based on DC comics (traitorous, I know), and is also very good. Justin and I watched the first one or two together and then I got busy with other stuff and he got tired of waiting for me and sped through all of season one. But then I started watching them on my own in bursts of about 4 – 6 in a sitting (it’s winter and it’s dark outside), so he stopped and waited for me to catch up. We watched the season one finale on Wednesday when I was home and now we’re working our way through season two. It’s a fun show, but with some really glaringly obvious plot problems. Seriously, any normal family would have figured out what was going on with their son/brother/our hooded hero by now. It is a fairly violent show sometimes — it’s basically Batman with arrows — but it’s witty and Felicity is pretty much the best thing in the whole show.

And the other show we’re watching is The Legend of Korra, the Nickelodeon series following Avatar: The Last Airbender. This one is a cartoon and runs about 20 minutes each; on days I come home for lunch, we can sit down and watch this for our break. But as the episode today exampled very well, it is not exactly a kids show. There have been some very serious things happening and I’m not sure little kids would be prepared for that. As adults, it’s been a great show, though. We just finished season one on this show, too, and starting season two next week sometime.

I’ve also been reading, not just watching TV. I’m in the first quarter of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It’s interesting, but NOT a very quick read. In fact, I couldn’t actually tell you much about the book and I’ve read more than 100 pages. There’s research studies about how people behave in different situations and how different people relate differently, but other than interesting research that’s a little complicated to get into, there’s not much to tell. I’ve found some interesting bits to relate to work and why the way I react to things (like the noise in the office) makes sense and all. So I’m going to keep working my way through, but it’s slow going.

And besides TV and reading, I’m also trying to finish up Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy on the 3DS (it’s a Nintendo handheld game, in case anyone didn’t know). I think I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and I should probably just finish it up. It’s a puzzle game, so I go to different places and meet different people and they give me puzzles to solve and work through the story line. Currently, I’m on a hunt to find 5 artifacts that will . . . do something that I can’t remember right now. It’s been a year since they said what it was for. I think it opens a door somewhere…. I’ll figure it out soon. I’ve got three of the pieces and I’m working on finding the fourth.

So yeah. That’s what I’ve been doing. Have you read or watched or played anything interesting lately?

Football vs Jane Austin

On my way to work this morning, I caught part of a conversation between two DJs, both guys, on this station that plays fun music now and then, but predominately seems to be about sports.  They were doing a poll about how many people actually didn’t watch the Super Bowl, since it apparently was the most watched single program ever or something (111 million viewers).  And one of the emails they got said that the sender of the email did watch the game but a coworker of his didn’t watch because he was “enjoying a glass of white zinfandel and watching Jane Austin’s Emma.”

And the DJs thought that this was the most ridiculous thing ever.  “Watching what?” one asked.  “Well, Jane Austin is a writer, so I guess Emma was one of her books that they made into a movie?”  And then they made comments about how he must have been sitting in his mom’s basement doing this and so presumptuous with his “white zinfandel” and how he’s not the sort of man that either one of them would ever hang out with.

And I don’t know about you, but I figure that if a man has that much refined taste, there’s a strong chance that he was actually watching this movie snuggled up with his beautiful wife.  And there’s also a big chance that he “got lucky” before the end of the evening.  I mean, really!  It’s Jane Austin!  I can’t be the only girl who gets lovey-dovey after Jane Austin’s stories.

Anyway, by my figures, a guy who’ll watch a chic flic and, presumably, enjoy time with his wife, comes out ahead of the guy who talks down on that sort of thing.  But I guess it might just be my crazy female logic.

We didn’t watch the game.  Justin played video games and I curled up in the chair beside him reading a book.  Not one of Jane Austin’s – it’s by Jim Butcher.  But I still think it was a very enjoyable way to spend the evening.

Still winter here

We’ve had freezing rain here for the last couple days and it has been hilarious to watch the southerners.  They canceled schools yesterday, delayed them today.  The instinct to go to the store and buy all the milk, eggs, bread, and Pop-Tarts has kicked in.  But that’s only if people are willing to go out at all, because when I went past the Papa John’s last night, it was running a swift business with five delivery cars running their engines in the parking lot.

I’ve wondered if they were going to close work, but nothing so far.  And those of us from colder climes have been laughing at the people freaking out.  Not that the threat of black ice isn’t real; even people who are familiar with it need to be careful about it.  And I sincerely appreciate the trucker who slowed down to 20 miles below the speed limit going over bridges and potentially treacherous stretches of the road.  I appreciate drivers like that much more than the ones who passed me in order to zip around the responsible trucker and speed on down the road.  But really, when do I ever appreciate those jerks?

Last night was a very quiet evening.  I picked up some chicken from the grocery store so I didn’t have to make a lot of noise in the kitchen making dinner, and we ate in the near dark of the kitchen.  We set my netbook to the dimmest setting on the monitor and Justin sat there with sunglasses on while I read a book under the light of a tiny red-light flashlight that I got from Luke years and years ago.  Justin felt well enough to watch Castle when that came on, though we turned off the sound during the commercials and he kept the sunglasses on.  And then I went to bed because I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning, and he stayed up because he’d slept all day long and couldn’t quiet his brain enough to rest.

Migraines suck.  Just so ya know.

He’s doing a little better this morning, I think.  He didn’t really wake up much when I left the house.  But the little I did get out of him was cheery.  I’m optimistic.  The weather should start to clear up by this afternoon, and the weather is what usually sets off the headache.  So with any luck, the clouds will clear and the headache will evaporate in the cool light of the sun.

And that’s pretty much the story of my last 24 hours.  The only thing left to add is the book I picked up is Howl’s Moving Castle, a book I found in the teen section of the public library and didn’t have a clue it even existed – I loved the movie, though!  Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki, wonderful stuff.  And the book has not disappointed so far.  It’s nice, light reading, and the story is enchanting.  I wish I was curled up at home reading that rather than sitting in my chilly office doing work.

Relaxing day today

So I’m feeling fine today, no after-effects from the  allergy problem yesterday besides some awful morning breath.  I slept a long time, but I’m not sure if that was because of the meds or just because hey!  It’s Saturday!  And I had no plans.

Well, we did have 1:00 plans, but we were up before that.  We went to our book club meeting about Moon Called wherein most people discussed how much they didn’t enjoy the book, even through they were able to talk about characters that they really enjoyed and favorite scenes from the story.  I’m still kind of “meh” on the book — it was irritating, but it was the first of a series and apparently they get better.  I probably won’t read the others because I have enough other books to keep me busy for a while, but on the whole, it wasn’t that bad of a read.

Anyway, we did that and it was pretty much the extent of our day.  The rest was spent catching up on reading and cleaning up the kitchen, starting to cut out leaves for a craft project, and catching up on my NCIS: Los Angeles. And now I’m wishing that I wasn’t caught up because!  Ugh!  That last scene!  I need to know what happens in the next episode!  Also!  Gah!  I finished the latest Pendergast book and!  Ugh!  That untied thread!  I need to know what happens in the next book!

Anyway, nice and relaxing. Tomorrow I’ll have to be more productive, but I very much enjoyed today.