Stuff & Things

“Stuff & things” is a pretty general answer to the “What have you been up to?” question. In this case, it covers quite a lot. I worked 57 hours this week to try to get a project put together for Monday that I didn’t know was due Monday until Wednesday....Read more

Things that I’ve been doing

It’s Friday afternoon! I worked part of today to make up for lost time on Wednesday. I have some sick hours that I could use, so I didn’t get my full 40 hours in of work, but I’ll still get a full paycheck, which is nice. And not working the...Read more

Football vs Jane Austin

On my way to work this morning, I caught part of a conversation between two DJs, both guys, on this station that plays fun music now and then, but predominately seems to be about sports.  They were doing a poll about how many people actually didn’t watch the Super Bowl,...Read more

Still winter here

We’ve had freezing rain here for the last couple days and it has been hilarious to watch the southerners.  They canceled schools yesterday, delayed them today.  The instinct to go to the store and buy all the milk, eggs, bread, and Pop-Tarts has kicked in.  But that’s only if people...Read more

Relaxing day today

So I’m feeling fine today, no after-effects from the  allergy problem yesterday besides some awful morning breath.  I slept a long time, but I’m not sure if that was because of the meds or just because hey!  It’s Saturday!  And I had no plans. Well, we did have 1:00 plans,...Read more