Getting crowned (part 1)

I started writing this post yesterday and didn’t finish it. I’m going to post it as is for the most part –with this introduction, and then a follow-up at the end of it to close up where I’d left it yesterday. So, for the most of this, where it references...Read more

Donating platelets at the Red Cross in Savannah

Yesterday I woke up late and made a delicious┬ácomplete breakfast of eggs and sausage and English muffins and orange juice. We don’t usually have such an elaborate breakfast, but I needed to have a good deal of energy for the afternoon. Justin then drove us down into Savannah to the...Read more

Things that I’ve been doing

It’s Friday afternoon! I worked part of today to make up for lost time on Wednesday. I have some sick hours that I could use, so I didn’t get my full 40 hours in of work, but I’ll still get a full paycheck, which is nice. And not working the...Read more

Not much to talk about here

Justin is in the office wrapping up some work on the server migration stuff, so I’ve been booted from the office to the living room. I got off work exactly on time today so I could come home and sit on an ice pack again. I’m feeling better than I...Read more

New look!

Hey everybody! Justin has been working really hard on getting the website fixed and we believe he’s got it finished! YEAH!!! Know what that means? COMMENTS ARE WORKING! Yup! I’m about to go double-check that as soon as I put this post up, but you should be able to post...Read more