Stuff & Things

“Stuff & things” is a pretty general answer to the “What have you been up to?” question. In this case, it covers quite a lot. I worked 57 hours this week to try to get a project put together for Monday that I didn’t know was due Monday until Wednesday....Read more

Update on platelets and crowns

Now that I’ve written about the big news about our roommate, I can write about the little things. I’m glad that people were supportive of our decision to help out Kay, by the way. I was worried, for some reason. Anyway, in other news, my temporary crown is doing just...Read more

Our new roommate

I’ve been quiet for almost 2 1/2 weeks because there was a LOT going on and I didn’t have the energy to write about it. But tonight I’ve got some time so I’m going to try to catch up on some of that. The primary news is that we are...Read more

Getting crowned (part 1)

I started writing this post yesterday and didn’t finish it. I’m going to post it as is for the most part –with this introduction, and then a follow-up at the end of it to close up where I’d left it yesterday. So, for the most of this, where it references...Read more

Donating platelets at the Red Cross in Savannah

Yesterday I woke up late and made a delicious┬ácomplete breakfast of eggs and sausage and English muffins and orange juice. We don’t usually have such an elaborate breakfast, but I needed to have a good deal of energy for the afternoon. Justin then drove us down into Savannah to the...Read more