Things that have delighted me lately

The city has started working on the intersections at the top of the north and southbound ramps for the interstate that I have to go over to get to and from work. They’re going to install traffic lights! They’re also going to start widening the road that goes from my...Read more

Donating platelets at the Red Cross in Savannah

Yesterday I woke up late and made a delicious complete breakfast of eggs and sausage and English muffins and orange juice. We don’t usually have such an elaborate breakfast, but I needed to have a good deal of energy for the afternoon. Justin then drove us down into Savannah to the...Read more

Convos with my 2-year old

I just found this thing on YouTube called “Convos with my 2-year old” and it’s HILARIOUS. It’s this guy re-enacting conversations with his two-year old daughter (kinda obvious so far), but his daughter is played by a grown man (most of the time). I’m not explaining it well. I’m pretty...Read more

“I’m the One That’s Cool”

I’m trying to put up a video from the people who did The Guild. (And let’s be honest, the only one I really care about much there is Felicia Day because FELICIA DAY!  So wonderful! Sorry, all the rest of the cast and everybody else involved.  But you’re overshadowed by my...Read more

Favorite things: Candle

When I went out shopping with Justin’s grandma a couple weeks ago, I found this candle at a surprisingly expensive store with fantastically friendly women working the sales.  I kept being surprised that the prices were quite so high, and then finding something that was really adorable, and then having...Read more