Things that have delighted me lately

The city has started working on the intersections at the top of the north and southbound ramps for the interstate that I have to go over to get to and from work. They’re going to install traffic lights! They’re also going to start widening the road that goes from my work campus up to that road, I believe to add a dedicated right-turn lane, which will also help speed up traffic to the one currently existing light. When they finish the lights, traffic will have to slow down enough on the section of road that worries me so much that I’ll be able to walk it to get home. The shoulder is really very large on that road, so as long as people aren’t driving like maniacs, it’ll be fine. I’m thrilled!

We made chili for dinner Friday and instead of making corn bread or mashed potatoes to go with it, we put it on top of mashed SWEET potatoes. I don’t think I’ll ever go back. The flavors were very complimentary and absolutely delicious! If you make chili with mashed potatoes, I’d recommend you give sweet potatoes a try next time.

Yesterday was fantastically beautiful. We went to our chiropractor adjustments, and then went for about a 4-mile walk on the beach. The wind was a bit chilly, but it was still really lovely. From there, we went to Atlanta Bread Company, but I got to chat with Erica for a while before we went in for a late lunch/early dinner. And then we wandered around Barnes & Noble before heading home. It was a delightful afternoon.

I am losing weight! I really don’t want to talk about it much, but the stuff I’ve been doing is apparently working and that is delightful.

Also, this beautiful little elephant:

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  1. I’m not sure why, but that dancing elephant reminds me of Maddie! Haha! I think it’s the way the elephant twirls his leg like she does…

  2. I’ve never really wanted to hug an elephant, but that little guy (gal?) is adorable!

    Good news about the road!! So happy you will be able to bike or walk to work. And congrats on the weight loss. I’m really struggling to get any off, although I’m keeping track of “good” days and getting quite a few. I know from past experience that my body holds on to its current weight for a while, then finally lets it come off. But I’m getting impatient!!

    I’m posting daily on Facebook, and many times it is about weight loss, because I have several “friends” with the same challenge. You might want to check it out, just for a little generic daily encouragement.

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