What if we thought about weight like debt?

It’s been a somewhat unremarkable week for us. Nothing of note has happened at work. Justin had an exam on Wednesday and a paper due on Friday, so he spent a lot of time studying. Our evenings were pretty quiet. But I’m trying to get back to writing more regularly....Read more

Goal planning and Me

I’ve spent a bit of time lately considering my goals and wishes for my life. I find that I have a lot of “I wish” things. Things like “I wish I spoke German” and “I wish I could play guitar” and “I wish Justin and I could travel to Austria.”...Read more

Hello, February.

Right. And there goes January. As is the norm for me, even down here in the sunny south, January brought on a case of the Winter Blahs. It’s dark and cold (relatively-speaking) and I don’t feel like doing anything other than sitting on my butt and reading while simultaneously stuffing...Read more

Our 2-year plan

I mentioned a little bit ago that we’re working on a 2-year plan to move to the Smoky Mountains. Two years is a bit general at this point because of all the work that needs to go into this endeavor, but it’s a nice rough time-frame that we’re working with....Read more

Goals and plans

I’ve been trying to figure out where to start this post, but I’m having trouble. There are so many thoughts bouncing around in this head of mine and they refuse to settle down into organized sentences. Let’s see if they’ll fall out into an un-sorted list: Seeing everybody for the...Read more