Our 2-year plan

I mentioned a little bit ago that we’re working on a 2-year plan to move to the Smoky Mountains. Two years is a bit general at this point because of all the work that needs to go into this endeavor, but it’s a nice rough time-frame that we’re working with....Read more

Massive weekend recap!

Because it was awesome!  And I wanted to write about it. Friday, I worked in the morning, but when I got home, we got a lot accomplished.  We cleared everything away from the side of the house so the guy coming to pressure wash would have space.  Justin mowed the...Read more

Friends, thunderstorms, and food

I’m writing this on my lunch break, trying to recapture the glow that I had over the weekend. I had an amazing three days, and in only the span of a morning, I’ve already fallen from the great heights of relaxation I had achieved down to this grumbling, mumbling, irritated stoop....Read more

This is why I haven’t been writing

Sunday was great!  Slept in, got breakfast in bed, read a book, talked with all my immediate family, got delicious dinner, and watched a funny movie.  It was delightful! Monday, my department moved from one side of the building to the other and considering all that has to happen with...Read more

Quick babbling post o’stuff

Hi! Yeah, it’s been a little crazy around here.  Starting on the work-front, since I’m doing this on my lunch break, has been insane.  We finished two projects earlier this week and are hoping to finish another one this afternoon or tomorrow.  And besides that, I have three documents that...Read more