Quick babbling post o’stuff


Yeah, it’s been a little crazy around here. 

Starting on the work-front, since I’m doing this on my lunch break, has been insane.  We finished two projects earlier this week and are hoping to finish another one this afternoon or tomorrow.  And besides that, I have three documents that I was supposed to have submitted on Monday in order to get into a 30-day window for it to be reviewed, and I’m still not done.  And they’re moving the date back a week, so I have even less time now to do it all.  PLUS, we’re moving from one side of the buidling to the other side and everybody packing and trying to figure out what can fit into the new area because it’s smaller than where we are now and what’s going to go where, and because there’s two groups of us in the area and such very little space, there’s been low-level fighting with the other group about who gets to use which space.

If I didn’t enjoy moving so much, this would be more challenging.  But I kinda like it, so it’s kinda fun.

I’ve been working super-late (7:00) for the last couple days to get things done and catch up on some time that I was out for a meeting Tuesday morning, so my evenings have been very short once I get home.  I’m trying very hard not to work tomorrow, but right now (just before 12:00), I’m not sure how that’s going to go.

I did manage to bring something home from work, apparently — there’s been a nasty cold/flu thing going around and although I haven’t had any effects from it (tea and water and hand sanitizer and yea!), I think it skipped right over me and into Justin, poor guy.  He hasn’t been feeling great the last couple days.

On the away-from-work stuff, we’re still waiting for the Admissions department from Justin’s school to process his letter and get that started.  There’s nothing we can do until they open it up so he can start school again, so we’re just stuck waiting.

This Saturday we have a couple people coming over to play cards and have cake with us — one of them has a birthday on the 22nd, so we’re sharing cake.

Um . . . what else has been going on….  Last Saturday we helped Habitat for Humanity in a place they’re working nearby.  It was mostly moving mulch around and making the properties look nicer.  But it was still hard work and good stuff to do.

Last Sunday I sang with the band at church and it was a lot of fun.  This Sunday is my birthday and I’m hoping for a pretty low-key day.  Order a pizza, watch a movie with Justin.

Anyway, yeah.  Most of my brain right now is stuck:  What else needs to get boxed up and labeled for the move?  Is there anything else I can plan ahead for in order to make this go more smoothly?  And what is up with the drawing for the monitors for my document?  Why can’t I find the drawing that shows me where the monitors go?  And the 50/60 Hz power?  What’s up with that?

So that’s that.  I really hope I don’t have to work tomorrow.  I’m probably going to be here again until 7:00 or so tonight.

It’s been a really loooooooooong week.