Things that I’ve been doing

It’s Friday afternoon! I worked part of today to make up for lost time on Wednesday. I have some sick hours that I could use, so I didn’t get my full 40 hours in of work, but I’ll still get a full paycheck, which is nice. And not working the whole week has helped me calm down some, too, and not be quite so stressed out.

Our chiropractor appointment is in a few hours, so Justin is still working — there’s something weird going on with the checkout function on the website he hosts for a client and he’s trying to figure out why it’s happening. So once again I’m in the living room where I’m less of a distraction so he can concentrate. 🙂

Last night we watched an episode of Agent Carter, which is the mid-season break show happening in the S.H.I.E.L.D. timeslot. Not that we really care where it’s on or when because we watch it on Hulu. But it’s a fantastic show following Agent Peggy Carter, who was in the first Captain America movie and then had a Marvel short film about her and she is, in a word, AWESOME. She kicks butt and takes names, all while looking fabulous in her 1950’s bright red fedora in a black and white men’s world. This week’s episode was one of the best so far. If you’re at all into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you should be watching this show. And then S.H.I.E.L.D. when it comes back on again, too — it had a slow start, but the current season has been fantastic.

In other TV related news, because I’m really short of interesting things to chat about today, we’ve been watching Arrow, which is based on DC comics (traitorous, I know), and is also very good. Justin and I watched the first one or two together and then I got busy with other stuff and he got tired of waiting for me and sped through all of season one. But then I started watching them on my own in bursts of about 4 – 6 in a sitting (it’s winter and it’s dark outside), so he stopped and waited for me to catch up. We watched the season one finale on Wednesday when I was home and now we’re working our way through season two. It’s a fun show, but with some really glaringly obvious plot problems. Seriously, any normal family would have figured out what was going on with their son/brother/our hooded hero by now. It is a fairly violent show sometimes — it’s basically Batman with arrows — but it’s witty and Felicity is pretty much the best thing in the whole show.

And the other show we’re watching is The Legend of Korra, the Nickelodeon series following Avatar: The Last Airbender. This one is a cartoon and runs about 20 minutes each; on days I come home for lunch, we can sit down and watch this for our break. But as the episode today exampled very well, it is not exactly a kids show. There have been some very serious things happening and I’m not sure little kids would be prepared for that. As adults, it’s been a great show, though. We just finished season one on this show, too, and starting season two next week sometime.

I’ve also been reading, not just watching TV. I’m in the first quarter of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. It’s interesting, but NOT a very quick read. In fact, I couldn’t actually tell you much about the book and I’ve read more than 100 pages. There’s research studies about how people behave in different situations and how different people relate differently, but other than interesting research that’s a little complicated to get into, there’s not much to tell. I’ve found some interesting bits to relate to work and why the way I react to things (like the noise in the office) makes sense and all. So I’m going to keep working my way through, but it’s slow going.

And besides TV and reading, I’m also trying to finish up Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy on the 3DS (it’s a Nintendo handheld game, in case anyone didn’t know). I think I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and I should probably just finish it up. It’s a puzzle game, so I go to different places and meet different people and they give me puzzles to solve and work through the story line. Currently, I’m on a hunt to find 5 artifacts that will . . . do something that I can’t remember right now. It’s been a year since they said what it was for. I think it opens a door somewhere…. I’ll figure it out soon. I’ve got three of the pieces and I’m working on finding the fourth.

So yeah. That’s what I’ve been doing. Have you read or watched or played anything interesting lately?

Bringing you up to current events

Erica reminded me that I forgot to post a follow-up after my doctor appointment.

I went to the doctor that Friday and they did blood work and gave me meds for the pain.  And they said they’d have the results on the blood work on Monday and they’d call me.  I set up a follow-up appointment for Thursday afternoon.

Over the weekend, I ended up needing to use only one of the pain pills.  I started to feel much better than I had been.  My stomach started to settle and I hardly spent any time in the bathroom at all.  By Monday, I was feeling pretty good.  They didn’t actually call with the results until later in the week and we played a fair game of tag before actually talking about it.  And there wasn’t anything in the blood work.  I cancelled my follow-up appointment.  And by the end of the week, I was feeling just fine.

So, no idea what it was that happened, but it wasn’t anything serious and I’m feeling much better now.

Things here keep on moving along.  I wish we had the cool fall weather that most of you are enjoying.  We were still sitting with temperatures in the 80s over the weekend.  But maybe it’ll cool down soon.

Over the weekend I cleaned up the house and got the decorations set up for the Halloween party that we’re having on the 20th.  There are still a few things I need to finish there, but most of it is set up.  I’m still working on our costumes.  Last year we went as the Count von Count and Countess von Backwards – Justin’s idea.  This year we’re doing steampunk – my idea.  So we’ve got the basics pretty much down – he’s got a vest and trench coat and I’ve got layered skirts and a nice top.  I still need to make an apron, and then I’ve got to pull together accessories.

I was going to try to put some pictures in here to show what steampunk is for any of you who aren’t familiar with it, but I’m at work and Google image search isn’t working great with the extremely tight web filters happening here.  I can’t get to Flicker or Tumbler or any of those things so…  I’ll have to fill in the blanks later.

Anyway, I worked on that and Julie came over and we watched Warehouse 13 (she hasn’t seen any, so we’re working to catch her up on that).  On Saturday Justin and I went to another friend’s house for dinner and games and that ended up going until 2:00 am because we really wanted to finish the game before going home.  So since we didn’t get to bed until around 3:00, we didn’t make it to church anywhere (still looking for a new one) and then in the afternoon, I went shopping with Julie for costume accessories and random stuff around town before heading back home for leftovers and more Warehouse 13.

I really didn’t accomplish nearly everything I had hoped to accomplish over the weekend.  Why is that always the case?  I have a lot of fun – I have no regrets about the weekend at all.  But I always get to the end and wish that I had more hours in the day to get stuff accomplished.

Maybe I should sleep less.

And maybe I should eat my lunch before the end of my lunch break.  I’d better go do that.

Back at it

Well, I’m back from the vacation I’ve been on since June 30th.  Before going on vacation, if anyone asked me what I was going to do while on my break, my answer was simple:  “Sleep!”  Today was the first time in the last 10 days that I was awake before 8:00.  It turns out, when left to my own devices, I will sleep between 9-10 hours a night and be *really* happy doing it.  It’s a far cry from the 6 or so that I get on a regular basis while working.

It was a fantastic vacation.  I got to see my friends Becky and Julie a couple times – once at our place for cards and dinner on the 4th and again later in the week for pina coladas on the beach after Julie’s successful job interview.  We saw a bunch more of our friends on Friday at a going-away party for a friend who is moving to DC for work.  We spent a day by ourselves on the beach, enjoying some impressively high waves for this part of the coast, reading in the shade of our umbrellas, and getting sunburned. 

And the rest of the week was spent relaxing and not feeling pressured to do anything, which meant that I made it through 3½ seasons of Heroes.  I’m really enjoying season 4 more than I expected, even though the “Oooooh, AWKWARD!!” is happening a lot.  As well as the “No, no, no!  Don’t do that, stupid!”  I’d already watched up through most of season 3 so that was mostly review, but still really fun to see again.

So, my sunburn has faded (which is great because the burn on the front of my legs was really annoying) and my alarm rang this morning at 5:15 to get me out of bed, and I had coffee for the first time in a week and a half.  The office was quiet this morning and I’m not sure if anyone really knows what we’re supposed to be working on, but we’re at least physically present, coffee cups in hand, sharing stories about what we’ve done with the last several days.  Mine doesn’t take long:  “Slept, watched too much TV, went to the beach, spent time with friends.  It was great!”

A couple more days would have been fantastic.


I know I’ve been terribly remiss about updating lately but I’ve been distracted.  I heard an acronym the other day that fits it perfectly.  ADOS:  Attention Deficit OH SHINY!

 Justin and I determined that we don’t really watch TV.  So what was the point in paying for it to be delivered to our house?  Justin did a bunch of work chatting with our cable provider and for an additional $5/month, removed about $70 from our monthly bill, cleared space in our media cabinets by taking out the cable boxes, and removed live TV from our lives entirely.


We then turned around and put some of that money into Hulu Plus, which will satisfy most of our television wants, along with the websites for those actual shows.  So, TV?  Fixed.

Then we went and ended our relationship with Verizon and started new terms with Sprint.  So far, it’s been a rocky relationship.  I haven’t been able to get access to the information I want on their website and their customer service has been *really* annoying.

On the other hand, I spent my whole weekend playing around with my very shiny new smart phone.  It’s an LG Optiumus S.  It’s purple.  It has things on there that tell me the weather and what movies are showing nearby and where to find cheap gas and MY CALENDAR and my to do list (though that one’s still a work in progress) and oh, my gosh, it’s SO AWESOME.  *cue the kid at the end of The Incredibles movie there*

Unfortunately, it turns out we don’t actually have cell service at our house.  So we’re looking at what we can do about that because phones that don’t actually work, while they’re very pretty, are kind of pointless.  And, since there’s no service, I haven’t set up my voicemail yet, so if you call and get a weird answer, that’d be why.

But it was fun and terribly distracting sitting there with my brand new phone going “Oh!  What does THAT do?!”  Plus, I couldn’t get my contacts list to transfer over so I had to do that all by hand.  The bonus there is that my whole physical address book just became obsolete because it’s all stored electronically now.

Oh!  Our phone numbers stayed the same, by the way.  So you don’t have to worry about that.

And my podcasts upload automatically!  I have so many stories to listen to now!!

Anyway, it’s my first Android phone, so I’m still stumbling my way though stuff.  If any of you more experienced users have any advice, I’d love to hear it.

We went to see the new X-Man movie over the weekend, too!  It was very good.  I enjoyed it a whole lot.  You have to ignore some continuity problems, if you’re the kind of person who notices that type of thing, but I thought it was a lot of fun.  It made me gasp in surprise and alarm and made me really sad in some spots and made me laugh at points and I thought it was an entirely enjoyable experience.

A very happy belated birthday to Amy and Isaac and belated happy anniversary to Mom and Dad!  I’m sorry I didn’t call any of you (or you, Erica, for our regular chat) but I figured you’d mostly be busy, plus, like I said, no cell service.  But I hope you all had a delightful day!!

Edited to add:  I just wanted to say how tickled I am right now about how my phone has improved my outlook for this afternoon.  This morning, while getting ready for work, I checked the weather on my phone.  And it told me that it would rain this afternoon.  So I brought my umbrella into the office, even though there were clear blue skies.  It’s been thundering for the last 30 minutes (I can’t see outside to know what else is happening) and I am SO HAPPY that I have my big umbrella for what sounds like a wet walk out to my car.

Football vs Jane Austin

On my way to work this morning, I caught part of a conversation between two DJs, both guys, on this station that plays fun music now and then, but predominately seems to be about sports.  They were doing a poll about how many people actually didn’t watch the Super Bowl, since it apparently was the most watched single program ever or something (111 million viewers).  And one of the emails they got said that the sender of the email did watch the game but a coworker of his didn’t watch because he was “enjoying a glass of white zinfandel and watching Jane Austin’s Emma.”

And the DJs thought that this was the most ridiculous thing ever.  “Watching what?” one asked.  “Well, Jane Austin is a writer, so I guess Emma was one of her books that they made into a movie?”  And then they made comments about how he must have been sitting in his mom’s basement doing this and so presumptuous with his “white zinfandel” and how he’s not the sort of man that either one of them would ever hang out with.

And I don’t know about you, but I figure that if a man has that much refined taste, there’s a strong chance that he was actually watching this movie snuggled up with his beautiful wife.  And there’s also a big chance that he “got lucky” before the end of the evening.  I mean, really!  It’s Jane Austin!  I can’t be the only girl who gets lovey-dovey after Jane Austin’s stories.

Anyway, by my figures, a guy who’ll watch a chic flic and, presumably, enjoy time with his wife, comes out ahead of the guy who talks down on that sort of thing.  But I guess it might just be my crazy female logic.

We didn’t watch the game.  Justin played video games and I curled up in the chair beside him reading a book.  Not one of Jane Austin’s – it’s by Jim Butcher.  But I still think it was a very enjoyable way to spend the evening.