Things that I’ve been doing

It’s Friday afternoon! I worked part of today to make up for lost time on Wednesday. I have some sick hours that I could use, so I didn’t get my full 40 hours in of work, but I’ll still get a full paycheck, which is nice. And not working the whole week has helped me… Continue reading Things that I’ve been doing

Bringing you up to current events

Erica reminded me that I forgot to post a follow-up after my doctor appointment. I went to the doctor that Friday and they did blood work and gave me meds for the pain.  And they said they’d have the results on the blood work on Monday and they’d call me.  I set up a follow-up… Continue reading Bringing you up to current events


I know I’ve been terribly remiss about updating lately but I’ve been distracted.  I heard an acronym the other day that fits it perfectly.  ADOS:  Attention Deficit OH SHINY!  Justin and I determined that we don’t really watch TV.  So what was the point in paying for it to be delivered to our house?  Justin… Continue reading Shiny!