Back at it

Well, I’m back from the vacation I’ve been on since June 30th.  Before going on vacation, if anyone asked me what I was going to do while on my break, my answer was simple:  “Sleep!”  Today was the first time in the last 10 days that I was awake before 8:00.  It turns out, when left to my own devices, I will sleep between 9-10 hours a night and be *really* happy doing it.  It’s a far cry from the 6 or so that I get on a regular basis while working.

It was a fantastic vacation.  I got to see my friends Becky and Julie a couple times – once at our place for cards and dinner on the 4th and again later in the week for pina coladas on the beach after Julie’s successful job interview.  We saw a bunch more of our friends on Friday at a going-away party for a friend who is moving to DC for work.  We spent a day by ourselves on the beach, enjoying some impressively high waves for this part of the coast, reading in the shade of our umbrellas, and getting sunburned. 

And the rest of the week was spent relaxing and not feeling pressured to do anything, which meant that I made it through 3½ seasons of Heroes.  I’m really enjoying season 4 more than I expected, even though the “Oooooh, AWKWARD!!” is happening a lot.  As well as the “No, no, no!  Don’t do that, stupid!”  I’d already watched up through most of season 3 so that was mostly review, but still really fun to see again.

So, my sunburn has faded (which is great because the burn on the front of my legs was really annoying) and my alarm rang this morning at 5:15 to get me out of bed, and I had coffee for the first time in a week and a half.  The office was quiet this morning and I’m not sure if anyone really knows what we’re supposed to be working on, but we’re at least physically present, coffee cups in hand, sharing stories about what we’ve done with the last several days.  Mine doesn’t take long:  “Slept, watched too much TV, went to the beach, spent time with friends.  It was great!”

A couple more days would have been fantastic.

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  1. I’m so glad you had a fun and relaxing vacation. But I’m also glad you have a great job to take vacation from! And I’m glad to hear from you, as always. Have a great week!

    Love ya,

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