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Erica reminded me that I forgot to post a follow-up after my doctor appointment.

I went to the doctor that Friday and they did blood work and gave me meds for the pain.  And they said they’d have the results on the blood work on Monday and they’d call me.  I set up a follow-up appointment for Thursday afternoon.

Over the weekend, I ended up needing to use only one of the pain pills.  I started to feel much better than I had been.  My stomach started to settle and I hardly spent any time in the bathroom at all.  By Monday, I was feeling pretty good.  They didn’t actually call with the results until later in the week and we played a fair game of tag before actually talking about it.  And there wasn’t anything in the blood work.  I cancelled my follow-up appointment.  And by the end of the week, I was feeling just fine.

So, no idea what it was that happened, but it wasn’t anything serious and I’m feeling much better now.

Things here keep on moving along.  I wish we had the cool fall weather that most of you are enjoying.  We were still sitting with temperatures in the 80s over the weekend.  But maybe it’ll cool down soon.

Over the weekend I cleaned up the house and got the decorations set up for the Halloween party that we’re having on the 20th.  There are still a few things I need to finish there, but most of it is set up.  I’m still working on our costumes.  Last year we went as the Count von Count and Countess von Backwards – Justin’s idea.  This year we’re doing steampunk – my idea.  So we’ve got the basics pretty much down – he’s got a vest and trench coat and I’ve got layered skirts and a nice top.  I still need to make an apron, and then I’ve got to pull together accessories.

I was going to try to put some pictures in here to show what steampunk is for any of you who aren’t familiar with it, but I’m at work and Google image search isn’t working great with the extremely tight web filters happening here.  I can’t get to Flicker or Tumbler or any of those things so…  I’ll have to fill in the blanks later.

Anyway, I worked on that and Julie came over and we watched Warehouse 13 (she hasn’t seen any, so we’re working to catch her up on that).  On Saturday Justin and I went to another friend’s house for dinner and games and that ended up going until 2:00 am because we really wanted to finish the game before going home.  So since we didn’t get to bed until around 3:00, we didn’t make it to church anywhere (still looking for a new one) and then in the afternoon, I went shopping with Julie for costume accessories and random stuff around town before heading back home for leftovers and more Warehouse 13.

I really didn’t accomplish nearly everything I had hoped to accomplish over the weekend.  Why is that always the case?  I have a lot of fun – I have no regrets about the weekend at all.  But I always get to the end and wish that I had more hours in the day to get stuff accomplished.

Maybe I should sleep less.

And maybe I should eat my lunch before the end of my lunch break.  I’d better go do that.

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  1. Great to here from you. I figured that no news was good news, so I wasn’t worrying. But it is good to here what you are up to.
    And, yes, I am completely clueless on “steampunk”.

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