Relaxing day today

So I’m feeling fine today, no after-effects from the  allergy problem yesterday besides some awful morning breath.  I slept a long time, but I’m not sure if that was because of the meds or just because hey!  It’s Saturday!  And I had no plans.

Well, we did have 1:00 plans, but we were up before that.  We went to our book club meeting about Moon Called wherein most people discussed how much they didn’t enjoy the book, even through they were able to talk about characters that they really enjoyed and favorite scenes from the story.  I’m still kind of “meh” on the book — it was irritating, but it was the first of a series and apparently they get better.  I probably won’t read the others because I have enough other books to keep me busy for a while, but on the whole, it wasn’t that bad of a read.

Anyway, we did that and it was pretty much the extent of our day.  The rest was spent catching up on reading and cleaning up the kitchen, starting to cut out leaves for a craft project, and catching up on my NCIS: Los Angeles. And now I’m wishing that I wasn’t caught up because!  Ugh!  That last scene!  I need to know what happens in the next episode!  Also!  Gah!  I finished the latest Pendergast book and!  Ugh!  That untied thread!  I need to know what happens in the next book!

Anyway, nice and relaxing. Tomorrow I’ll have to be more productive, but I very much enjoyed today.

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  1. Sounds great. And your weather is wonderful, too, according to the weather site. You lucky person. We had an ice storm last night. Ugh!


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