Random snippets of my Friday

Look what I found!


And check it out, I didn’t just move everything over to the kitchen counter to do it.


The stuff along the wall of the dining room are some of the pictures that need to get hung. They’re out of the way over there for now.

I also figured out where to put my SD card on Justin’s computer to get photos from my camera into the internet, which is helpful to know!!


Thursday night, when Justin made it to California and I was heading to bed after the first full day of him being away, we chatted before I went to bed. He said that he figured my evening would have gone one of two different ways.

  1. I would go to bed early, which was the direction that I went.
  2. I would scarf down as much of the leftover Halloween candy as I could handle before getting sick and then be hopped up on sugar for the whole night.

Quick context check: At our old house, kids started knocking on the door Trick-or-Treating around 4:00, it seemed, and didn’t stop until around 9:00. We would run out of candy long before kids stopped walking down our street, even though we’d buy several bags worth of it. This year, we had a total of 5 kids at the door. FIVE. We had a LOT of candy left.

“Totally ahead of you,” I told Justin on Thursday. “I took that candy to work at lunch today.” Because, yes, I would definitely have made myself sick.


Justin and I split up laundry duties — he runs the washing machine and I run the dryer. He sorts the laundry and loads it up with the appropriate type of soap and bleach and temperature of water. I move things from the washer to the dryer, pulling out the things that don’t get dried, and then make sure that things move from the dryer back into the closet folded and hung appropriately.

I had to wash a load of towels this morning and I actually had to go look up online what temperature I was supposed to use to wash towels because I had no idea. The reason Justin runs the wash is because I would wash everything on cold. Fabric softener? Bleach? NAH! Soap is all I need, right?!

Oh, maybe I was supposed to throw a color-safe bleach in there with those towels. . . .  Dang it.


Other things I accomplished today:

  • Re-melted the candle that had gotten warm in the car while sideways (with a lid, thankfully) and gotten all the wax up the side of the jar, by putting it on the stove top on it’s lowest setting. And waiting.
  • Dried and folded all those towels that I washed.
  • Went to Michael’s for paint brushes for my next creative project. Looked at their baskets, but couldn’t find quite the right one.
  • Worked 10 hours.
  • Finally paid the deposit for our garage and reminded the office that the light isn’t working.
  • Invited people to the Pampered Chef party I’m hosting next weekend.

I think it was a pretty successful day!