Back to life as usual

Justin’s family left yesterday.  We pretty much crashed from exhaustion, and now we’re starting to get the house sorted back out again and everything back to normal.  It was nice to see everybody.  I think good times were had by all.  (And a little frustration, too, but that happens with any family stuck in a house so small for so many days.)  And now it’s time for things to get back to normal.

For a little while anyway.

I really don’t have much to say right now.  I’m thinking about the laundry that needs to get done and the floors that need to get vacuumed and the lawn that needs to get mowed.  I’m wondering what’s white and semi-liquid in that Rubbermaid container in the fridge.  And what happened to all the watermelon and the chocolate chip bars?  And what am I going to make with all these peaches and tangerines?

Hurricane season has officially started and I’m thinking of doing a workshop with a bunch of people to get kits put together and organized for the (unlikely) possibility of an evacuation.  It’s one of those things that everybody here knows that they ought to do, but not a whole lot of people actually spend time doing.  But maybe if I thought of a way to make it more interesting . . . .  It’s something I’d like to do, anyway.

And my head hurts.

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  1. Good to hear from you again. I knew you were busy with company, but missed hearing what was going on down there.
    Hope everyone’s health is well.


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