Not much to say here today.  It’s been blissfully quiet!  We’ve kept busy — cleaning house so it’s back to our own again, getting everything back in order.  I’m starting to feel more relaxed about life and that’s a good feeling.

So, really, the only reason I’m writing is to put up a couple links.  Mostly this one right here:

You might not know this about me, but I’m a BIG fan of recycling.  I didn’t get into it much before, but now that I’m in an area where they’ll give me a green bin for me to throw things into and empty it out on a weekly basis, I’m a big fan!  I love being able to do good things for the environment!

So, if I have the opportunity to use a reusable container instead of something that’ll just get trashed, I’ll take it!  We’ve got a ton of cloth grocery bags and a handful of cloth produce bags.  We use cloth napkins instead of paper ones.  I keep on trying to find new ways to live more “green.”

This isn’t exactly a green technique (though I have one of those in a second), this is a website of AWESOME.  I get a lot of questions about “where should I take my [thing]” like broken computers or electronics or batteries or whatever.  This site says where to take it!  And I find that very useful.

No more do I have to wonder what to do with old, nasty batteries!  Now I know where to take them!

On the green technique side, though, I’m trying to get a thing going at work with “mini-bins” where everybody gives up their trash can at their desk and just uses this little trash can.  And I can’t actually find the website right now, but they’re the cutest little trash cans — if they held popcorn, you could probably get about 3 cups in there.  And you put it on your desk and empty it into a trash can in another area once it’s full and recycle everything that you can!  It’s a way to help people realize how much they throw away and how much they could be recycling.  I’ve been using one at my desk for a couple days now and I think it’s very fun.  I haven’t fully introduced the idea to my coworkers yet, but I’ve seeded the idea already and we’ve got a meeting set up for next Tuesday.  I’m excited!

Anyway, that’s all that’s on my brain tonight.  Anyone have any other green-tips that I should try to work into my life?  I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Good thoughts. I’ll admit I just do things the easy way. I like the theory of going green, but never quite do all I can.


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