Still going on about weight and exercise stuff

I’ve been trying to really focus on the positive stuff lately.  I read a book years ago that mentioned how we talk to ourselves in our heads.  Our internal dialog speeds by so quickly that we probably don’t even catch up on it most of the time.  But if you’re running trash-talk about yourself, you’re… Continue reading Still going on about weight and exercise stuff

Follow-on for yesterday

Work from 7:30 until 11:30 Very dull, but done. Go to an investing class from 12:00 to 2:00 Learned a few more things, but I have more to research and look into how I’m doing my investing right now.  This is so complicated when you’re getting started. Run to Savannah and pick up my sister-in-law… Continue reading Follow-on for yesterday

Working on my goals

One of my goals to accomplish before my birthday (in just under three weeks) is to have 10 pages of writing saved. I’ll be honest with ya, I don’t have one. Not one! Things are not looking good for this goal. And I really want to hit this one! There are several of my goals… Continue reading Working on my goals

We rescued a dog!

Justin and I went out for our afternoon run a little after noon.  I mentioned as we were getting our shoes on that I’m getting really tired of running in circles and Justin asked if I’d like to go back upstairs and plot a route that would take us around the neighborhood.  I said that… Continue reading We rescued a dog!