Follow-on for yesterday

Work from 7:30 until 11:30 Very dull, but done.

Go to an investing class from 12:00 to 2:00 Learned a few more things, but I have more to research and look into how I’m doing my investing right now.  This is so complicated when you’re getting started.

Run to Savannah and pick up my sister-in-law so she can do laundry for free (20 minute drive) No problem.

Run back home and drop her off at the house (30 minute drive) Drive, drive, drive.

Keep on running until I get to the mechanic’s to get his professional opinion about the car we’re looking at buying.  I’m supposed to be there at 3:00.  I think I’m going to be late. Justin called and set my appointment back to 3:30, which meant I made it in perfect time.

Depending on what the mechanic says, either work out the details on buying the car or go home very sad. Went home not so “very sad” but I don’t think we’re buying the car, either.  Just too many risks that involve too much money.

Go to the gym to talk with them about the free membership that Justin won. The woman we need to speak with wasn’t there.  We’re doing this one today.

Drive sister-in-law back to school after providing a homemade meal Okay, so Zaxby’s isn’t homemade but it was still really delicious.

Watch Dollhouse. “Goodness gracious!”

Watch Stargate: Universe Watched Sanctuary instead.

Go to bed.  I’m already tired. Yea for sleep!