Memorial Day weekend

So, talking with Erica today, I realized that I wrote this whole post about going to the Ren Fest in Atlanta, and then I completely forgot to post it!

So, here you go.  Late and kind of brief, but this is what we did for Memorial Day weekend:

Hey Nunnie Nunnie made me laugh so hard I started to cry and nearly fell off my seat!

Friday:  We ran a couple errands in town before driving up to a small town near Athens, GA, to spend the afternoon/evening with friends.  I got to have Thai food for dinner.  We ended up talking for hours while Justin’s sister worked on homework.  It was so much fun!  And then we drove to Fairburn, GA, (about 80 minutes) to our hotel for the evening.

Jayna Lee's aerial acrobatics: She climbed up the blue silk ribbons with a bowling ball in a baby carrier, flipped over, and dropped the ball on her partner, who was sandwiched between two beds of nails, hitting a plate that was resting on his chest. We didn't see him at the faire the next day....

Saturday:  Woke up slowly after being up so late and got ready to head to the GA Renaissance Festival.  Wandered around the faire, stopping to watch a couple shows and get hit on by jewelers.  Wore a necklace around all day because the vendor wanted me to buy it ($48), but traded it in at the end of the day and bought one not even half as expensive.  Met up with our friends from Friday partially through the day, but then they got stuck in a place trying to buy lunch for more than an hour while we continued to wander around the faire.  Went out to dinner afterward, but to a pizza place instead of the planned-on Mexican place since it apparently went out of business since our last visit.  And then went back to the hotel to meet up with a couple more friends (from the Beaufort area in town for the faire) and played Munchkin for a couple hours before the Athens area friends had to head home.

The queen is firing mini marshmellows from a mini catapault at kids lined up at the back who are trying to catch them in their mouths.

Sunday:  Justin’s sister and I got out of bed earlier to get breakfast and meet up with the Beaufort area friends and head to the faire.  Justin stayed behind to pack up the room and check us out of the hotel and then met up with us later.  We wandered around some more, watching a couple shows and listening to musicians.  And then we had to head out around 3:00 in order to get back home at a reasonable hour for Justin’s sister to drive back to her dorm.

Barely Balanced Acrobats: Big holding Small upside-down between his knees and she's not holding on at all, while Medium stands on Big's arms and spins a hula hoop.

Monday:  Slept.  Read a book.  Poked at computers.  Played a video game.  Ordered pizza.  Relaxed.  Got a little tipsy on wine.  Went back to bed.

Celtic Ties traditional Irish musicians

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