Sick day

I left work early yesterday, leaving at 11:30 to go back home and curl up in bed.  I had stabbing pains in my stomach and I was very tired and a little feverish, since it was about 100 degrees outside and I thought it felt really nice and comfortable.  So I got home around 12:30 and Justin tucked me back into bed and I didn’t move again until 5:30, when I woke up really thirsty and aching from doing yoga the night before and then not moving for several hours.

I stayed awake for the next handful of hours, eating crackers and drinking Sprite, and working my way through Neuromancer, since I need to have that finished for the book club meeting on Saturday and it’s going very slowly.  And then I went back to sleep.  When my alarm rang this morning at 5:15, it felt earlier than normal and I seriously considered sleeping a couple more hours.  But I didn’t; I hauled myself into the shower and out of the house and into work.

And here I sit, more tired than I have any right to be with all the sleep I got yesterday, listening to changes happening to my tasks.  A task that was expected to happen tomorrow has shifted to Friday, which moves my part of the task to Monday, when the person who I need to help me with this task will be out of the office.  Another task has been completely shifted, moving to another project, replacing the original task with something altogether different.  And I’ve been told to revamp a task that I usually do to make it generic enough to work with multiple projects, when it was originally created to be very project-specific.

This is what happens when I’m gone for an afternoon, apparently.  It makes my brain hurt.

What on earth am I supposed to be working on now?

Maybe I really should have just stayed home.

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