Well, I feel good about that anyway.

Do you ever get to the end of your day and realize that you’ve only crossed off four of the twenty-odd items on your checklist? But you know that you’ve had a successful and productive day, even if the list doesn’t show it?  Like, the floors in my house are so clean right now!  And that decorative thing that’s been broken for a couple months is finally fixed.  And I can actually find things in my jewelry box again and all the pendants that were separated from their chains are all back and hanging where they should be again.  And my bra drawer isn’t exploding all over the place anymore.  And the bedding for our guests on Sunday is downstairs instead of sitting in the corner of our bedroom.

And it really was a fantastic day, with some sleeping in, and some working up a sweat getting the house cleaned (I even washed the patio doors!) and projects getting done (moving a couple thousand songs onto a petulant music box) and even a bike ride (where some guy threw us out of his neighborhood — but that was the only non-fantastic part of the day).  I feel like I got a lot accomplished, even though when Justin asked what I’d been doing for the last couple hours while he was working, the only things I could think of were the music box thing and the jewelry box, but I’m sure there was something else I did with that time.

Another storm is threatening to thunder overhead.  There’s been lightening and thunder for the last hour or so, but still not any rain.  I hope that it comes over this way a little closer and gives us another soaking.  The lawn is looking a little better — the weeds are getting higher and in need of cutting.  But the grass could still use a lot of help.  I’m sure it’ll start coming down in buckets as soon as I drift off to sleep, jerking me back awake in surprise.  Just like the phone will right just as you take a bite of food and the movie will start just as you realize that you need to pee.

Tomorrow we’re heading down to Savannah for a haircut date.  Justin’s scheduled a haircut and we’ll get dinner and then go see the Green Lantern movie.  We’ve got a couple other errands to run while we’re out, too.  But mostly it’s haircut, dinner, and a movie.  On Sunday, two of our friends are going to be in town for a conference on Hilton Head Island.  They’re going to crash here for the night instead of driving the 40 minutes back home and then back again for the conference the next morning.  So it’s going to be a fun-filled weekend!