Of course.

So, naturally, after my post yesterday, a thunderstorm rolled into town last night just after midnight, waking me up. It poured down rain. It was still coming down this morning, though it was mostly just a sprinkle, which was good because I left my big umbrella in my office at work.

It’s supposed to stay overcast and raining all day and into the weekend, which would be fantastic, but I’m not sure I believe that forecast. I expect that the skies will clear up a little, and then the humidity and heat will sky-rocket and it’s going to be a miserably sticky handful of days.

But this morning it was cool and wet and I would almost see the grass turning greener, like it was thinking, “Oh, yeah! So this is what water is like!”

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  1. I enjoyed both posts. You have such a way of describing things that I can almost see it. Congratulations on the 15 pounds lost! That is awesome. And it is also wonderful that you are beginning to feel the difference when you eat certain things you shouldn’t.
    Keep up the great work!


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