Day 5!

Happy Easter everybody!  I hope you’re all having a fantastic day!

Justin and I celebrated by getting to church at 7:30 for church set up and music practice.  Our regular music pastor is finally back after being out of the country for 3 weeks getting his kids from Rwanda, and I got to sing with one of the other ladies, too, and it was SO MUCH FUN!  It was a great service.  And we collect shoes for Soles for Souls (it’s barefoot Sunday) and the front of the stage was covered in TONS of shoes, so after the service a bunch of us stayed around tying pairs together and bagging them up for delivery.  So we got home around 1:00 and then showered and then I took a nap because that whole thing was exhausting.

This morning I had sliced up turkey meat wrapped up in romaine lettuce for breakfast.  It was actually really yummy.  And then I had cucumbers while practicing.  And lots of water.  I stuck a granola bar in my purse, just in case I started to feel faint, but I didn’t end up needing it.  And I felt really alert this morning, which was an exciting change.  Usually I’m sleepy in the morning, and while I didn’t have to get up as early as I have to on a regular work morning, I got up around 6:30 and felt just fine.  It’s exciting!

Yesterday was fruits and veggies and a couple bananas.  I had a banana for breakfast.  And then I went and made a smoothie with frozen berries and fruit mix and a fresh banana and pear and some applesauce to thin it out and it was *delicious.*  I felt fine the rest of the day, still easily worn out, so climbing up and down the stairs a couple times made me more winded than it should have.  And really warm, but that might have been something in the air because Justin was warm, too.

No fruits today, and I’m missing it.  I get tomatoes today, and we were going to get some from the grocery store, but apparently all the grocery stores are closed today!  So we’ve got some all natural canned tomatoes that are just going to have to work.  We’ve got great dinner plans, with spaghetti squash and tomatoes and ground beef.  It’s going to be great!

I’m still feeling pretty good.  I’m feeling a little out of it right now, but I think that’s because I’m still waking up from my nap.  And I need to drink more water.  This is probably TMI, but I’m feeling a little stopped up inside, if you know what I mean.

Justin and I are celebrating our Easter afternoon by sitting around and playing video games online with a friend of ours.  I’m pretty sure most of you are either hanging out with family or packing up boxes.  I hope you all have a great time and have a very happy Easter.

Love to you all!


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  1. I’m so excited you get to eat meat today. Whoo-hoo! Glad you are having a restful Easter. I’ve been up since 4:50, because I had to be at church at 5:45 to practice with the choir, most of whom didn’t show up until after 6. So I’ll be hitting the hay early tonight.

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