Day 3 (evening thoughts)

Today just didn’t work well for a play-by-play because I was away from my computer so much.  I was out at the chiropractor and cleaning the house and making dinner and playing cards with our friend.

But here’s a run-down of how the day went.  I was really tired a lot of the day.  And it didn’t take much to wear me out.  I had to trek up and down the stairs about four times in a row, bringing up ironing and sewing things, and it was a lot more exhausting than it had any right to be.  I was a little loopy at the chiropractor appointment, but I hadn’t eaten much at all at that point and hadn’t had any water, so I downed almost 20 oz between the chiropractor’s and home (yea for remembering my water bottle in the car) and that helped.  So did the entire cantaloupe that I ate while doing the ironing.   For dinner, I made cauliflower soup, that I added too much water to, and it was really yummy, and a completely no-sugar, nothing but apples applesauce that was also really delicious.  This mixing fruits and veggies thing is awesome.  I’m going to miss that on days 5 and 6.

My energy level right now is low again, but it’s getting late in the evening, we just said adieu to our friend (who also wasn’t feeling well), and it’s just been that kind of day for almost everyone we’ve spoken to today.  Anyway, not that thrilling of a day overall.  And hopefully tomorrow will go better.


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  1. Okay, though. Three days down and meat is coming soon. I wonder why they don’t let you eat egg whites, since they have no fat, hardly any calories, but lots of protein. Just wondering….
    Keep up the good work.

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