Day 2 (morning thoughts)

Today I shall eat nothing but vegetables.  Today I am a vegetarian.  Today I walked into work with a bag filled with carrots, cauliflower, steamed broccoli, acorn squash, cucumbers, and a salad.  And a no-salt, no-sugar herb mix because sometimes I’d like a little bit of spice.  🙂

Last night, I was in bed a little after 9:30 and probably asleep shortly after 10, which is a far cry better than the 11:00 or so the night before.  I’m hopeful that between getting more sleep and having less sugar in my system, I’ll be more alert than I was yesterday.

And now for a few random thoughts:

Sheets!  Our new sheets arrived in the mail yesterday!  They’re a beautiful pale green and fantastically comfortable.  We had to get new sheets because I have heels like a hobbit – calloused up to high heaven so badly that when they rub at sheets, I eventually wear a hole through.  I wore those sheets so threadbare that they tore through and then the tear spread so badly that by yesterday, there was at least a 2-foot long gape in two different directions.  From now on, I have to wear socks to bed.

Food allergies!  I have food allergies to tree nuts, fruits that have a pit in the middle, and (probably) soy.  I can have certain nuts in moderation (almonds, cashews, but not walnuts) and I can have the fruit if I cut away the part touching the pit or if it’s been processed (cooked, canned, etc.).  The last time I had soy milk, my throat swelled up and I broke out in hives and it was really frightening, so I’ve been avoiding that.  I’m starting to have concerns about apples, since my lips feel raw after eating one, but if I eat one cut and sprinkled with lemon juice, it’s not such a problem, so maybe it’s just how I’m eating them.  Anyway, I mention it so if you wonder why I’m not eating something (like nuts or nut butter or soy products), you’ll know why.

And now I’m going to go get some breakfast (broccoli, I think!) and get started on my day.  I’ll try to keep up another play-by-play and update it throughout the day.  It’s another day on the Cabbage Soup (minus the soup) Diet!


  1. That’s so weird about the “fruit with pits” thing and how you can eat the part of it that’s not touching the pit. I would have thought it would be the entire fruit. But I’m glad that you can eat that fruit when it’s been processed so you don’t have to miss out on yummy fruit.

    Recently I’ve started to think I might be allergic to walnuts… I don’ t have any allergies so I don’t know what it would feel like, but the top of my mouth seems to be a bit itchy after I eat them. I think that’s probably a good indicator… 🙂

    Good luck today! You can TOTALLY do this!!!

    1. Yeah, you might want to be careful with the walnuts. That’s pretty much my main symptom — itchy throat. More than just a bit, though. If it’s bad (like with walnuts), then I want to scratch my throat out it itches so badly. I think walnuts must have the most oil in them or something.

      The fruit thing is so annyoing sometimes. And weird, because I used to be able to eat so many of those fruits! Like cherries! I love cherries and used to buy them when they were in season, but the last time I bought them, I actually brought the rest of the bag to work because I just couldn’t eat them without my throat bothering me. (The people in my meeting that day thought it was awesome!) And peaches! In Georgia! So sad….

  2. It might be a sensitivity, but not an allergy. I have that with nuts, too. But if I have them covered with something, I don’t have the problem. If it truly is an allergy, it will get worse and worse. There is a lot of confusion between allergies and sensitivities, but allergies cause really serious problems. Still, if you are uncomfortable eating them, you probably shouldn’t.
    And about the pits. It turns out that some of the nuts are in the same family as some of the fruits. I thought that was strange when I heard it, but having the same reaction makes sense to me.

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