Weekend news

I had a great weekend, but the whole thing is overshadowed this morning by the death of four coworkers in a test flight over the weenend.  I didn’t know any of the gentlemen, but I used to see two of them in the hallway, since their office was just down the hall from my department.  And there’s something really upsetting about seeing the pictures of a burned out husk of an airplane when I’m used to them looking so beautiful, not to mention knowing that four good men were in there when it happened.

It’s going to be a rough day.

Here’s a news article about the incident:  Savannah Morning News


  1. Oh, Kylene, I am so sorry… How very, very sad for this to happen to these families. And to your company. Please remember that God has you there for times such as this, not that you have any answers, but at least you have the Source of comfort.


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