Still doing okay

Just a quick “today” post today.  I’ll do another “last month” post tomorrow, probably.

My morning started out kind of weird when my alarm went off and wouldn’t stop.  I snoozed it and it kept ringing.  I turned the alarm off completely.  It kept ringing.  I opened and closed the phone a couple times, since that makes it stop, too, and it STILL kept ringing.  So I turned the whole phone off.  And that finally did it.  It’s never done that before and I’m hopeful that it was the only time it does that.

My stomach this morning wasn’t feeling as well as it was yesterday.  Maybe the pizza for dinner was a bad idea?  I don’t know.  I’m feeling a little better right now.  These pants are too snug and it’s not helping the issue at all.  I’ve really got to get my clothes out of the dryer tonight.

I forgot my soup mug at home this morning.  I got too busy at work to wash it before leaving yesterday, so I took it home with the intention of washing it.  And then left it soaking in the sink, where it’s still sitting.  I eat my oatmeal in that mug every morning.  No mug = no oatmeal.  Granola bar it is!

I also forgot that we’re getting free lunch today, so the salad Justin helped me pack for lunch is completely unnecessary.  I should go take the croutons out so they don’t get soggy and then I could eat it tomorrow.

It was dark most of the way to work this morning.  I’m back to using the full-spectrum light most mornings.  Daylight Saving’s ends in 2½ weeks.  I’m trying to remember how productive I was during the evenings in the summer and keeping energy to get something accomplished between getting home and going to bed.  So far, it’s not going very well.

I did have a really lovely conversation with Mom last night, though.  I enjoyed that a lot!  It was great catching up with what’s been going on.  And just chatting is a lot of fun.  And now I just have to remember when it’s usually a better time to call.  🙂  (Monday before 7:30, Friday or Saturday evenings, but not Thursday evening.  Right?)

After chatting with her, though, my netbook completely failed to get online and we can’t figure out why.  Justin was able to connect to the shared folders on the computer, but it absolutely refused to connect to the internet.  It was so frustrating.  I know that I could have just moved to my desktop computer and sat there to check my email and such, but instead, I restarted my netbook about a half-dozen times, gave up, and read a book.

Tonight I’ve got Bible study, but instead of our usual study at the church office, we’re doing a get together at one of the leader’s houses (not that she has more than one house – there are 3 leaders and they each have one house . . . as far as I know).  Hopefully it’ll go well!

And that’s the Kylene news for the day!


  1. Glad to know our conversation was good! And, yes, you have the times right. But you can try other times, too. Just not Thursday evening.
    Sorry to hear your stomach is acting up. But I would treat it as though you scratched or scraped something in there, so I would only dump down soothing foods until it has had time to heal. Like not pizza or enchiladas.


    1. Of course I enjoy chatting with you! I’m just not very good about calling. 🙂

      I’m feeling much better now, by the way. I think everything has healed up. I went to Zumba last night and didn’t have any stomach issues while jumping around. Yea for feeling better!


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