Climbing on top of the choas

Well, we’re making progress around here.

This morning, Justin’s mom left to go get the windows tinted on the car for my sister-in-law.  My sister-in-law lay on the floor of the dining room because she’s feeling ill again.  And Justin and I left to get his endoscopy done, leaving instructions with my SIL in case she was home alone when the guy to fix the fridge showed up.

I guess the window tinting went well because I haven’t heard anything about it and I forgot to look at the car while it was at the house here.  The endoscopy went okay, except that the doctor didn’t find anything to explain the problems that Justin’s been having, other than acid reflux.  We’ve got meds for acid, and an appointment for him to go back and see the doc again next week.  And the guy came and fixed the fridge for a fraction of the cost that it should have cost, for which we are very thankful.

While Justin and I were at the hospital, my MIL took my SIL back to urgent care because she couldn’t stop being sick, and she’s got an appointment at the hospital tomorrow.  So, tonight, she can’t eat anything after midnight.  Last night, Justin couldn’t eat anything after midnight.  And the day before that, I couldn’t eat anything after midnight, either.  The craziness!

Right now, my MIL is out getting prescriptions for my SIL.  I’ve got to head out in a little while for a chiro appointment, pick up my own prescription from the pharmacy, and get some groceries now that we can actually keep it cold again.  Tonight, I’m making meatloaf, chili, and chicken scampi so we don’t have to throw away all the meat that thawed from the freezer.  And no one will be able to eat it except for me.

But we’re making progress.  We might not know yet why my husband and his sister are getting sick, but we’re in the throes of that process.  I’m feeling great, by the way.  My appointment next week is just my yearly appointment so she can check on how all my meds are holding.

And we have a functional fridge again!  You have no idea how much of a hassle that’s been for the last several days.  Have you ever had to work around not having a fridge while having company over?  IT’S AWFUL.  I mean, not that we’ve actually fed them or anything, but the amount of food that went to waste….  Such a waste….

Anyway.  I’ve got to make sure I’ve got my list set for my grocery trip and check on all the sickies.  Justin gets hit so hard when they put him under — it took a good 45 minutes to get him conscious enough to get out of the hospital.  And then he feel asleep in the car.  And he’ll probably sleep for the rest of the day.  Sleeeeeeeeepy guy.

I hope you’re all doing great!  I’m looking forward to it being, like, 5 weeks from now when this is all long past and we’re further or finished with figuring out what’s’ wrong with these two and back to boring old life as usual.

(Of course, I’m reminded that I did 3 document updates in 2 days and that the schedule at work isn’t slowing down at all and shows no signs of doing that any time soon.  Work is going to keep on being crazy.  But a boring home life!  That would be a nice change.)

(Pray for Justin to find work.)



  1. Thanks, Kylene. Whew, what a situation you are in the middle of. Glad you are feeling healthy and strong. What is ailing Justin and what is ailing SIL are different, I assume. Just hit at the same time? Or is there something in the water, food, or ??

    Much love,

    1. It just hit at the same time. Travel or something….

      Justin’s problem has to do with having trouble swallowing and breathing, as part of the same general problem. But hopefully we’ll also figure out the reason for his unending heartburn, too.

      Jessi’s problem is making her throw-up and feel badly because of that. Her liver enzymes are high, but that’s all I really know.

      They make such a fun pair today! Sleeping and only eating bland, soft foods. 🙂

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