And the insanity continues

So!  Back to writing here again.  Just very quickly, let me tell you what’s happening in my world.

The symposium in Orlando was great!  I got some good ideas and contacts and I’m working on how to get those to work in my area.

The wedding was wonderful!  It was fantastic seeing everybody.  The new couple were afloat with happiness all weekend, as far as I could tell.  And with the exception of having to vacate our hotel room because of the smoke in the bathroom, everything was great!

We returned home to my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law, who was in urgent care on Saturday and is still waiting on her blood test results, so my mother-in-law changed her ticket so she could be in town for those results in case plans need to change further.

Our fridge started ticking last night and didn’t stop ticking until Justin unplugged it this afternoon, after going to the grocery store to get ice and transferring everything perishable into the cooler.  The repair man is coming Friday morning.

After not being able to swallow or breathe deeply for the last several days, Justin had an appointment this afternoon with a gastroentrologist, who set him up with an endoscopy Friday morning.  (We’re leaving my sister-in-law to open the door for the fridge-repair guy.  And my mother-in-law, if she gets back in time from getting the windows tinted on my (unlicensed) sister-in-law’s car.)

I went back to work today to face documents that should have been done last week and should have been easy-peezy, but now they’re holding up airplanes that should have been delivered.  I was at work an hour longer than I should have, getting things done just so I can get caught up with what should have been done before I left.  It was good when I left!  Not my fault!

Tomorrow morning I have bloodwork for my annual check-up.  I’ll find the results of that next Thursday.  It’s fun.  I didn’t work Monday or Tuesday of this week, I worked overtime today, I’ll be about an hour late tomorrow, and I’ll probably not get in at all on Friday because I’ll be driving Justin to the hospital and then taking care of him the rest of the evening.

And this doesn’t even really start to cover the chaos that’s happening in this house right now.

Really, nothing like getting home from vacation to make you want to take a vacation.

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