Have I mentioned that my life is not boring?

I handed in those last two projects on Monday, after I was at class from 7:00 – 11:30.  I even ran my meeting at 1:00 and had a successful discussion there.

Today, I handed in another and I’ve got another one started.  The one I handed off has been kept by that coworker and I hope to not have to do anything with it because I have another one that same day that I need to look at updating.

But tomorrow I’m taking a vacation day.  Followed by another vacation day on Friday.  Followed by yet two more days of weekend.  And I’m really looking forward  to it.

Expecially because next week I’ll have to prepare for being out of the office for a week and a half, which will involve a little bit of frantic working.  And then when I get home from work, Tuesday I have Bible study, Wednesday I have a meeting about a committee at church, Thursday I have band practice, and Friday I’m taking a break from chuch activities and hanging out with a bunch of geeks online.  And then Sunday, I’ll be at church early for more band practice and stay late for the Servapolooza.

And then on Monday we’ll head out for the Symposium.

I’m not going to be bored anytime soon.

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