Okay, so the post before this one is password protected and it’s because it’s pictures of an expensive item for my sister-in-law to see that were too numerous to email to her, but not something I’d like to just put up for everybody to see.  So, that’s what’s going on there.

To make up for that, you get the thrilling tale of my Saturday!

We went to help at Room at the Inn in the morning.  Our church helps them out now and then, taking care of things that require more money or hands than they tend to have on on hand.  So we went over and re-did a couple rooms, doing painting and staining and other things.  Mostly, Justin and I moved things around and did random little things like hang pictures and put knobs on dresser drawers.  I was wiped from last week, but happy to help for as long as I could.  Which was from 10:00 when we started until 1:00, when I was tired, hungry, and ready to go home.

So we did!  And showered and looked up times for movie showings and relaxed for several hours.  I ran to a thrift store, found it closed, went to the consignment shop next door, and bought a pair of sheets for fairly cheap.  (And then discovered the next day that it would take more money to make the gift for Erica than it would have to buy it, and that I didn’t have the money for either option . . . .)  And then we drove to Savannah.

Justin needed a haircut, and we have a pretty solid routine when that happens.  We go to Raye Anne at the Regis in Savannah Mall (yes, this is a promotion for her because she’s AWESOME and we want her to be able to keep cutting hair there), we get dinner at Savannah Gyro (and yes, that is a kiosk in the cafe court — they have the BEST GYROs), pretend that we’re going to save room for ice cream from Cold Stone, and stop at Target.

So we got there with time to eat gyros before Justin’s haircut.  We stopped at the Verizon store and I fell in love with the Incredible.  I left Justin at Regis and went to Target and picked up a few things, including under-pinnings for my dress for the wedding.  He found me still in Target and we checked out, decided that we weren’t going to get ice cream.  And then went across the street with the tickets I got from an award months ago and saw the movie Inception.  And that was AMAZING.

And we drove home later than we’ve driven home from a movie in a long time, past the neighborhood where we used to live, which brought back fond memories, back to the home we love, where we collapsed into bed after a long, fantastic day.

Which was good because today I was at a training class at 7:00 AM and then spent all afternoon remembering why I was happy to be leaving Friday afternoon.  Bright side:  I handed in the last two projects I was working on last week.  And I’m 85% certain that the document my coworker took over is going to be done by that coworker instead of me.  Which means that if I can get the document that’s due on Friday done by Wednesday and the one that’s due on Monday started sometime this week, too, I’m going to take vacation days on Thursday and Friday and just make a long weekend out of it.  Because, dang it, I’m tired.  I want a few days when I’m not worried about getting work done.  I want to sleep in and go to the beach and relax.  And then I’ll go back to work, have a frantic week before I’m out for a week and a half, and then enjoy some time doing things that aren’t charging through these documents as quickly and frantically as I have been.

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  1. Hang in there, Kylene. We’ll all be together, celebrating, in just a couple weeks!


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