End of the week update

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many comments on a post as the one with the pictures of the dresses!  That’s so much fun!!

Okay.  So it’s Friday and I’m still at work, but I’m on my lunch break so I can give a quick update.

You know how I started out the week with 7 different projects?  I should get an AWARD, people.

  • Project 1:  Mostly finished up on Friday, fully completed on Monday.
  • Project 2:  Partially completed on Friday, fully completed on Tuesday
  • Project 3:  Started on Monday.  Completed on Wednesday
  • Project 4:  Started by my co-worker on Monday or Tuesday.  Picked up by me on Wednesday.  Completed on Thursday
  • Project 5:  Started on Thursday.  Will be completed, except probably for the final signature, before I leave today.
  • Project 6:  I’m going to get started on this today, too.
  • Project 7:  Handed off to my coworker.  Deadline shifted back a couple days.  Isn’t that just how it goes?

Now, most of them are going to come back up again when I revise them to the next revision level before we deliver the project.  But to have completed as much as I did?  I think that’s pretty darn amazing.

Justin has been absolutely wonderful this whole week.  I’ve been keeping random hours and being an emotional whirlwind and he’s been amazing!  I’m so lucky to be married to such a great guy!

Yesterday we actually took time to make a complicated dinner.  We grilled shrimp, potatoes, and corn, and it was delicious!  Justin marinated the shrimp for several hours in the afternoon and we grilled them on wooden skewers.  We grilled the potatoes with garlic and oil in an aluminum foil packet directly on the coals.  And Justin covered the grilled corn in a mixture of sour cream and feta cheese and it seems like it would be really weird combination, but it was fantastic.

Tomorrow, we’re going to help out at The Room at the Inn doing some renovation and clean up to one of the rooms.  They’re a home for young, homeless mothers and mothers-to-be where they can learn some basic skills and get some help.  It’s a great program.

And then we’re probably heading into Savannah for a while, but we’re still tossing around what our exact plans are for while we’re there.  We had plans, but they stacked on top of each other, so we’re re-evaluating.

And Justin’s step-dad is arriving in town some time in the next couple days.  He’s driving a car from California, where we went to be with family when his dad died.  He’s going to park the car somewhere in the area here, for his daughter to use once she finally gets her driver’s license.  And he’s going to fly back to Vermont on either Monday or Tuesday, but I can’t remember which.  I’m so well informed, can’t you tell?  I’ve been a little preoccupied.

And speaking of which, I should get back to work so I can get this document done, see if I can round  up the final signature (but I suspect he’s not here today), and get a look at the next one.  I have training all Monday morning (7:00 AM!), so I need to figure out whether I can do most of this one Monday afternoon or if I need to hit a chunk of this afternoon before going home.

Either way, time for me to get going.


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  1. Congratulations. Sounds like a record-breaking week for you. I sure hope someone notices! Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend.


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