Erica wanted to see me in a dress

So you all get to see me in two.

I took these pictures over the weekend, just in case you were wondering.  I was at work until 6:15 today.  No way I was taking pictures when I got home.

But here you go!  This first dress is what I’m thinking of wearing to a cocktail dinner at the symposium for work.  It’s jackets and ties for guys.  Nice dresses for girls.

Cocktail dress

My wonderful photographer caught his reflection in the mirror . . . .

Ugh, the back fat

Apparently, I need to not let it fall down so far in the back . . . .

It really looks better in person

Also, I wasn’t aware when he took that picture.  I think I was asking him a question about earrings.

And for the wedding:

From the front . . . .

Fuzzy, but you get the idea

I don’t have any shoes to wear with this unless I wear the black ones from the first pictures.

Also, I think it might be time to invest in a good strapless bra . . . .  Not that I’m bra-less in these photos!!  Just that it’s not a great bra.

So . . . verdict?  Are the tan lines too obvious?  Are the dresses to casual?  Am I too fat to wear these dresses?  (Please say no because otherwise I’ll start crying.)  Leave your comment after the tone.



  1. I do like both dresses–but especially the strapless one with the wrap. I definitely think a new and improved strapless bra would do wonders, however. 😉 I’m on the fence about the tan lines–only because you’re going to be in a lot of pictures (b/c your sister is a picture-a-holic!). Of course, you might not have to worry next to my incredibly awful tan lines yours look invisible! haha! Oh, but the halter top is quite flattering too–and then there aren’t tan lines in the front to worry about… oh, gosh, I dunno. I’m no help at all! 🙂 I’ll get back to you.

    1. Can you tell the halter top is pinned so I show less boobage? It dips SO low! The tan lines are so common around here that I don’t even think about them most of the time. I could go out without sunscreen and see if I can even them out, but I’m worried about burning . . . .

      My current plan is to wear the first one to the party for the symposium and the second one to the wedding. I just have to find a pair of shoes, and a couple good under pinnings, if ya know what I mean.


  2. You’re smiling bigger in your picture of the second dress 🙂 I think investing in a quality “foundation” garment will make it perfect!
    You DO NOT look too fat to wear those dresses. They look really nice on you. If you are feeling a little self-conscious, you can get some generic Spanxx at Target. I think they are called Assets. I have used them and they smooth everything out.
    And, I guess it’s my turn to stress out about what I’m wearing for the wedding.

    1. I used to have a pair of Assets that I got for my wedding. And the last time I wore them (for my interview just recently, actually) they got a huge hole in them and I tossed them in the trash in the bathroom at work. 🙂

      But I think you’re right. A few good confidence-boosting underthings would be helpful.


  3. I LOVE the second dress. I think it’s beautiful.

    Note about the shoes – the wedding will be outside so you may want to look for flats or a kitten heel otherwise you may sink in the backyard! Just a suggestion.

    But I really LOVE the second dress. Where did you get it?!

    1. I got it at Marshalls! It actually advertised itself as something that can be worn as either a dress or a skirt, but I prefer it as a dress. 🙂

      And I figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to wear heals. I’m going to see if I can find a pair of sandals for cheap, I think.

    1. I have the white flats that I wore for my wedding, but when I put them on with this dress it just looked really weird. I think I need something open-toed.

  4. I love the second dress, too. I may be partial to black, but I think the black goes better with your skin tone than the lighter colors on the first dress. I think the black one is absolutely gorgeous on you. I’m afraid I’m going to look a bit dowdy, but then I am the mother of the groom, so I’m not supposed to look sexy! About the tan lines – just have someone put some foundation on over them. That’s what they do at the Barn if they have to wear something that shows lines. You really don’t have a lot of difference in skin tone to cover up, so I would think that would work okay. What do the rest of you think?

    1. That foundation tip is awesome! I’ll have to check to see if anything I have is close enough in color. I might only have colors that are my winter-pale skin color.

      I love the second dress, too. It’s wonderfully comfortable! The first one is good for just a short event, like the dinner I’m going to at the symposium. But if I’m going to be in anything for a while, I’m going to be happiest in the second dress.

      The challenge will be if the dancing starts to get rowdy! 🙂

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