No thoughts on that?

I really thought I’d get a few comments on that post yesterday.  🙂  It was a CRAZY day.  And I was looking forward to hearing what you thought about it.  But I suspect people are just busy and all.  Anyway, when you have time, I’d love to hear what you think.

Today was my last weekday of not working.   I’ve got the weekend and then I’m back at work.  I’ve been depressed about it all day.  It’s been a wonderfully relaxing vacation.  I still haven’t worked out how we’re paying all our bills at the end of the month . . . .   But we’ll make it.  Creatively, I’m sure.

Anyway, I’m all kinds of grumpy so I’m going to head off and make some carbohydrate-heavy dinner and then relax.  Because I can.  🙂


3 thoughts on “No thoughts on that?”

  1. I didn’t comment, but I’m pretty sure you know how I feel about the whole insane situation. 🙂 It was quite amusing to read it all again, though. It definitely sounds much more “crazy” when you read the whole thing unfolding!

    Sorry you were blue today… I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Nathan and I read the post, but we didn’t comment (obviously). I really can’t believe they did that and thought it was a good idea. If you ever needed proof that the situation was bad, you have it. They would definitely have to bear the burden of an unemployment claim. Crazy.

  3. I just read it today, because I haven’t had time to read posts lately. Anyway, its basically unbelievable that a person would think it sane to knock on someone’s door for 2 hours. I mean if you haven’t answered in like 10 minutes why would they think you ever would? And why would they not think you would call the police? Weird. Glad you are done with them finally.


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