So I called Justin when I got off work last night and asked if we had any plans for the evening.  “Not that I know of,” he said.  “Do you?”

“Sleep,” I said.

“Okay, sleep like get home and go to bed right away or come home and lounge for a while and then go to bed early?”

“Yes.  The lounging one.”

Apparently I’m a big, fat liar.  I got home and, at the encouragement of my fantastic husband, curled up in bed to take a little nap, with his assurances that he would wake me up at 7:00.

Well, he did.  And I stayed in bed.  And then he brought me some pizza a little while after that.  And I still stayed in bed, gobbling down the pizza so fast and so sleepily that I didn’t realize until afterward that I’d burned the top of my mouth.  I was curling back up and feeling around the top of my mouth and thinking, “Huh.  I think I burned that.”  And then I fell back asleep.

Justin woke me up again a few hours later to get me under the covers of the bed instead of on top of them, and so I could take out my contacts and take in my medicines.  And then I fell asleep again. 

Until about 3:30, when my body realized it had been sleeping for about 9 hours, which is usually the perfect amount.  But what?  It’s 3-something?  I think I’ll snuggle back down for a while longer!  And look!  My fantastic husband!  Snuggles!!

And then it was 5:50 and I was looking at my clock and realizing that my alarm was going to go off in 5 minutes.  So, naturally, I stayed there and snoozed it a couple times so I could snuggle a little while longer before dragging my sleepy self into the shower.

And then remembered I’d burned the top of my mouth when I went to have a glass of orange juice.

And the really crazy thing?  I could sleep for a few more hours.  After getting all ready, I went upstairs to wake up Justin to let him know I was on my way out.  And snuggling back up in bed with him, I could have fallen back asleep and slept longer. 

But I hauled myself up and out the door and into the office, where I’m eating my oatmeal that tastes a little bit like the instant oatmeal without the dried up apple bits and a little bit like apple crisp, without the baked apple bits and the crispy oatmeal crunch.  I’ve got a little bit of cloves and nutmeg in here this morning, along with the brown sugar, cinnamon, and apple cider mix and it is yummy!

And I’m feeling so much better than I was yesterday!  Yesterday, I had to drink a lot of fluids so I could keep walking down the hallway, which would keep me from falling asleep.  And then I’d close my eyes and rest for a while before heading back to my desk.  It was a difficult day.  But once I shake off this residual sleepiness, today’s going to be so much better than yesterday!

And it’s not like this is so unusual.  Justin pointed out that I just do this now and then.  I remember doing it when I was living in Toccoa.  And I wrote about it when I did it back in March.  So yeah.  Apparently, I just need to catch up on a lot of sleep every couple months.  And then I’m good to go for a while.  But it catches me off guard every time it happens.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!