Technology of the future!

Wanna know what I wish I had? I wish I had one of those electronic picture frames. But not like they’re sold right now. I want one that’s wirelessly connected to a photo stream. A photo stream that anyone in my network can upload photos to at any time. This way, I could constantly have current photos of my family on my desk. People could upload photos and I’d instantly see them on the wall of my office. It would have to have some sort of interface so I could mark favorites and set rotations. It’s like a Flicker stream FOR MY WALL!! Oh! And it should be able to do short videos, too! Oh! And be cordless so I can just hang it on the wall instead of having to plug it into the wall! Put a battery like my camera in there so I can just charge one battery while the other’s in the device. Perfect!!

Of course, I still haven’t seen my first idea come out yet, so it’s probably going to be a little bit of a wait. My first idea? It was sort of a cross between the Kindle and those electronic picture frames: A handheld electronic photo album. Small enough to be portable, big enough to view pictures easily. Sure, smart phones can carry pictures, but they’re so small. And electronic picture frames are an album of their own, but they have to be plugged into the wall. I want something I could toss into my purse and pull out to show people, without them having to squint.

I’m still waiting for them to get those really cool portable readers out for the common folk, too. I want one of those ones that are thin and flexible like paper with the texture and sheen of paper. It’s just like paper! Except it’s electronic! So magazines that are released through the internet now instead of on paper could be brought to bed like a regular magazine instead of read at the computer. Plus, the power of a whole portable library in the palm of my hand! But so much cooler than the Kindle and it’s current cousins!

And while we’re at it, where’s my flying car, dangit?!

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  1. Sounds great. I want one too, as soon as I get the credit cards paid of. Oh, yeah. By the time they are actually paid off, someone probably will have invented it!


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