Too much to sort through!

So I’m having this issue where I want to write and I have no idea what to write about.  There are so many possibilities!

I could write about my weekend, which was mostly fantastically dull and involved watching movies and sleeping and talking with wonderful people on the phone.

Or I could talk about work and how we’re going to attempt an “affinity diagram” tomorrow and I have never done it before and I really hope it works out well.

I could talk about how we’re flying to Burlington, Vermont, again because we’re going for a wedding.  And I keep freaking out because Justin’s jacket is wrinkled and we haven’t gotten it dry cleaned yet.  And we don’t have a rental car yet, and since we’re staying at Justin’s folks’ place, we need a car to get from there to the wedding and all that.  And all these things about weddings keep stressing me the heck out so much that I haven’t even started thinking about freaking out about the traveling part of the whole deal.

I could talk about these books I’m reading about managing money and not undervaluing your worth and taking control of your finances and all the fun and exciting things I’m learning . . . that no one else thinks are fun and exciting at all.  And I’m reading books about marketing and writing business plans and don’t those sound fascinating, too?  No?  They do to me!

I could write about how well we ended up with our finances last month–with Justin making more money than expected and us handling budgeting and saving really well and ending up so far into the black that it’s astonishing how much we could potentially put away if we spent every month not going out to dinner or spending money on fun things and sitting at home sitting on our thumbs.  Which we’re not going to do but we might spend more time looking at the possiblities there.

Which would bring me into talking about our current situation with Justin’s car.

And dang it!  I haven’t bought gifts for Erica or Dad, who both have birthdays in the next 10 days, or for the bride and groom on Saturday.

So what I’m getting at here is that I really have so much going on in my head right now that it’s completely overwhelming and while I’m really having fun with most of it (car stuff = not so much fun, and what the heck is up with my wedding anxiety when I’m not even involved!), I have no idea where to start with the discussing of it all.

But I hope that you’re all doing very well and having a better start to your week than I did (there were ants in my cereal!) and I will babble nonsense at you all again soon.


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  1. I want to hear all about all those things that you mentioned. Bring on the boring financial information you’re learning!

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