Grace in small things

8 June 09

  1. Delicious-smelling lotion on freshly-shaved legs.
  2. A coworker’s stapler encased in green Jell-O. With a Kaizen worksheet attached.
  3. My fabulous gentleman of a husband taking out the new girl to lunch because so far no one else at his office is treating her with any respect.
  4. Being recognized because my face was on a 5S presentation.
  5. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog

9 June 09

  1. 10 more days of work before my 4-week long vacation (counting today).  Yeah, so it’s a mostly unpaid vacation and I’m kind of freaking out about money that I won’t be making, but hey!  FOUR WEEKS of vacation.
  2. Making good progress on multiples projects at work.
  3. An unexpected (to me) check from our state taxes.  Apparently Justin knew about it, but I didn’t think we were getting anything from any of our taxes.  So I’m pleasantly surprised.
  4. Clean laundry
  5. Sorting out the detritus from my purse