Grace in Small Things

1 June 09

  1. Getting back into the office and *not* being totally overwhelmed by mountains upon mountains of work.
  2. Oodles of unexpected quality fun-time with my husband, playing games and laughing like a crazy person.
  3. Opportunities that could be really fantastic, if they turn out like we hope.
  4. Aloe vera spread lovingly across my burnt shoulders.
  5. Homemade baking powder biscuits that taste a whole lot like the biscuits you’d buy from a fast food place like KFC.

2 June 09

  1. A totally unexpected refund check from our federal taxes.  We were happy to not have to pay anything.  We were astonished to get money returned.
  2. Balancing the checkbook and seeing that we’re still coming out ahead, for the most part.  I mean, sure, we were in the red for May, but we spent almost double that amount on airplane tickets and car registration.
  3. Yummy pasta for dinner.
  4. NCIS
  5. Curling up and reading in bed with Justin.

3 June 09

  1. I have a beautiful new nephew named Isaac!  Yea!
  2. I was 30 minutes early to my doctor’s appointment for blood work, so I sat in my car, windows down, reading a book, enjoying the cool freshness of the early morning air.
  3. A fresh box of facial tissues.
  4. Apple crisp:  The perfect solution for slightly overripe apples, minimal budget, and minimal preparation time.
  5. Laughing at geeky jokes with my husband while curling up to go to sleep.

4 June 09

  1. I got a silver award from my boss for my hard work in the 5S program in our area.  It comes with $50 to use at the Walmart across the way from here and another plaque to hang on my wall.  I’m so pleased!
  2. Justin haggled our way into a really great birthday/graduation present for his sister, that isn’t going to blow the bank and lets us get her something really, really useful and nice.
  3. Cool summer rainstorms with sporadic rain and thunder.
  4. Sitting in my favorite chair in Justin’s office reading while he pokes at his computer.
  5. And then having him wake me up and put me into bed because I fell asleep while reading.

5 June 09

  1. Happy anniversary to Mom and Dad!  I love you both so much!
  2. Spending $50 that I got as an award on fun things at Walmart, including an outfit for the graduation coming up.
  3. Scattered rain showers in between clear blue skies.
  4. Singing along with the car radio as loud as I like.
  5. Justin, driving behind me, laughing at me singing in the car.

6 June 09

  1. Sleeping in and eating sweet rolls in bed while watching TV (Stargate: Atlantis).  Is there a better way to start the day?
  2. A balanced checkbook.
  3. Exploring calendar options and other organizing things on my computer.
  4. Cheering up my husband by spending time with him making and eating dinner together.
  5. Deciding last minute to catch the last showing of the day of the new Terminator movie.

7 June 09

  1. Knowing more and more people at church and being able to chat with them.
  2. Finding the perfect graduation card for Jessi.
  3. Finally hiding the garden hose at the front of the house inside an unused oversized flower pot.  It looks so great!
  4. Watching my husband wash off the back of the house because it’s getting more and more green with mold.  Knowing that he’s doing it because he feels the need, now and then, to do chores and activities that improve the house and don’t involve my participation.
  5. Getting into discussions with the small group I’m in about the sermon series.