Grace in Small Things (19 – 22 Feb 2009)

I’ve lost this day.  I know it wasn’t a bad day, but the only memories I have of it start after I got home from work.  So I remember being happy about going to yoga class.  And that’s about it.

2/20/09 – Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Instead of going in to work, I took a vacation day and stayed in bed.  I didn’t sleep in as long as I thought I might, but it was fantastic waking up slowly next to my husband, and then staying in bed while he got up and started working.  He worked from home, which was also lovely.
  2. I got presents!  From my parents and a good friend.  Everything was so great!
  3. After living in a wreck of a house for a week, I finally got around to washing all the dishes and vacuuming the floors and dusting and by the middle of the afternoon, the house look really fantastic.
  4. I got to have really lovely conversations with several members of my family.
  5. We watched the second episode of Dollhouse, Joss’ new project.  It’s very good and everybody should watch it so Fox doesn’t take it off the air and we can finally have something Whedon to watch again!


  1. I managed to sleep in a looooooong time and it was fantastic.
  2. Justin took me out to buy brand new running shoes as my birthday present.  I am SO EXCITED about these shoes.  I haven’t had good running shoes in a long, long time and these are awesome.  And they have pink details, which is also fabulous!
  3. And then we went out to mini-golf on the Island and it was so much fun!
  4. We had dinner out at Fudruckers, who failed to have tricked out nachos but still had wonderful hamburgers.
  5. Justin and I baked a cake and he cut up the few candles we had in the drawer so he could light 29 of them for me to blow out.


  1. Con Man in the Meth Lab was probably one of the greatest Bones episodes we’ve seen in a long time.  (And yes, we’re still that far behind.)
  2. Justin showed me how I could watch NCIS in order on the computer.  I’m so happy!  My headache and I spent a lot of our time together watching this.
  3. I picked up a bread mix without flour back a week ago when we were on the whole stupid diet.  And I wanted bread.  So I figured I’d see how it turned out.  Answer?  Not bad.  But odd.  Good enough for one loaf.
  4. I love Advil.
  5. We got all the laundry (except the white load that didn’t need to run) all washed, dried, and folded (except for the ironing).  It was a lot of laundry and took a lot of the afternoon and evening.  But we made it all the way through.