Grace in Small Things – 16 Feb through 18 Feb


  1. Coffee
  2. Finishing a major project
  3. Three hours of NCIS
  4. Leftover Chinese food
  5. Soft, warm socks


  1. My navel is not bleeding today.
  2. Yummy rice for lunch that helped settle my upset stomach.
  3. Strawberry flavored cough drops.
  4. More leftover Chinese food.
  5. Going to bed early and falling asleep very comfortable.


  1. Deciding to go off the stupid elimination diet.
  2. I look fantastic today.
  3. I smell great, too.  I smell like home, the laundry, linen, and sleep scent of the bedroom.  The smell that makes the house *ours* instead of Pam’s.
  4. PIZZA for dinner.  Oreos for dessert.
  5. Really fantastic fun with friends online.  I rolled a 29 on my bluff check and instead of being totally eliminated by the 3 goons behind the door, I convinced one of them to “walk me home” and the rest of my party ambushed him as soon as we came through the door.  Sadly, they wouldn’t let me try it again.  I really think we could have taken a second one.