Grace in Small Things (the last of the backlog!)


  1. Fog sitting on the marsh like a soft cashmere shawl draped over the shoulders, and the full moon hanging over it like a pearl pendant necklace.
  2. My cleavage is really impressive in this outfit. Like, wow, where’d that come from?!
  3. Yoga! Fantasticness.
  4. Really delicious salad for dinner. Romaine, mandarin oranges, strawberries, chicken, bacon, and pomegranate vinaigrette.
  5. Writing several pages of a document for a project at work and feeling really good about the results.


  1. Getting so many praises because of the brownies I brought into the office today.
  2. Learning how to work with a new program for a project at work.
  3. Beautiful, gorgeous weather at lunch.
  4. Getting to work on time even though I hit the wrong button on my alarm and got out of bed 20 minutes later than usual.
  5. I went the whole day without eating anything dairy or wheat. And I still got a good amount of yummy food. I didn’t even cheat and have one of my brownies.


  1. Finally being able to make progress on a project that I’ve been stuck behind for ages and it’s more overdue than I would like.
  2. Getting lots of complements on my photography in the frames on my desk.
  3. Being able to find food at the company lunch that still lets me eat plenty without eating any wheat or dairy products.
  4. Fantastic, relaxing, luxurious, de-stressing hot bath with a book and a loooooong time to enjoy it.
  5. A really fantastic run where I was able to run almost the entire way, across terrain, and a really good clip.


  1. Finally catching up from the backlog of Grace in Small Things!
  2. Chiropractic coverage in my insurance and a really lovely chiropractor who was fun to chat with and comfortable to have her work on me. Of course, she says I’m horribly out of alignment which explains a lot of my problems with soreness and my uneven hips. But, hey! Chiropractic coverage in my insurance!
  3. The Green Wise section of Publix, offering the consumer a multitude of options for the wheat and dairy free diet. Like bread mix and pasta and cookies and pancake mix and pudding and brownie mix and all sorts of lovelies. Now to see if they taste any good.
  4. My husband, who reminded me to pick up a few things to put out for Bumper Bag weekend at church, the weekend when people bring food items to give to the local food shelf. I had forgotten. But he remembered and suggested I pick things up. Even if money is tight for us, I married a man who remembers to help out people in need.
  5. Knowing that all the people Justin and I know who live in or frequently fly into Buffalo are all fine and not crashed in that plane.


  1. Cleavage.
    So, where exactly is the appropriate place to wear something that shows cleavage? I’m seriously interested!

    1. Amy, the cleavage I mentioned was a surprising amount of cleavage for work. I don’t tend to wear things cut very low, but sometimes things turn out to be lower than I expect. I’ve started monitoring what I wear on Mondays more closely because I have 2 – 3 meetings on Mondays and when I lean over a table to talk or write things down, things swoop down more than I know. Especially because I’m so much shorter than so many of my coworkers.

      But the outfit in question was a combination of two things–my bra and the camisole I was using to make the shirt more modest. You’d think that would eliminate the problem, wouldn’t you? But no! The bra was a little tight, so it pulled things close and up. And then the cami pushed them up even more because it had a built-in bra that pulled things close. So, while the top wasn’t low cut, the amount of flesh and the line between the two was surprisingly apparent. Up and together! Like a corset. Not like a dress cut down to the navel.

      To answer your question, though, about where would be an appropriate place to wear something with a lot of cleavage, I’d have to say “date night.” I have a blouse that I *could* wear to work if I wore something under it to bridge the gap between “work appropriate” and “not,” a.k.a. between my collarbone and the mole on my left breast that tells me when things are too low. (Seriously! If I can look down and see that mole, then I probably shouldn’t be wearing that and I *definitely* need to not bend over at all. And keep a distance from guys much taller than myself.) The blouse isn’t that bad, but it’s definitely more “date” wear than “work” wear. Date wear, if Justin gets distracted by something he’s already seen all of, is fun! But date wear at work, if coworkers are getting a view, totally not appropriate.

      Yard work is another situation. But in a totally different material. I’m not wearing my silk blouse while raking the lawn, that’s for sure. But I’ll totally wear a low cut cotton tank-top while out pulling vines.

      Does that answer the question?

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