Grace in Small Things (part 11)


  1. Justin’s eye appointment brought him home some eye drops that should, hopefully clear up his painful eye situation.
  2. His afternoon acupuncture appointment brought him some headache relief.
  3. I was able to vacuum the whole house while he was out and it looked amazing! (Until I dropped stuff all over the floor while making brownies.)
  4. I had fun making really complicated brownies, even if I had to stop after 4 hours and they still weren’t finished.
  5. Fun watching movies while working on projects like cleaning and baking.


  1. We became members of the church during the service this morning! I think I’ve spoken to more people today than I have the whole six months prior to this.
  2. Justin got baptized today by immersion.
  3. We were treated out to lunch with the rest of the pastors and people from the church who were at the baptism service. The food was delicious and we got to spend some time meeting some really lovely people.
  4. My office is clean! Even Justin’s office is tidy!
  5. Checkbook? Balanced!


  1. There was beautiful sunlight over the marsh this morning as I went in to work.
  2. We’ve managed to completely finish one huge mess encompassing three related projects. One down! Two more to go!
  3. I love my new glasses. They’re beautiful and fit fantastic and I like them so much!
  4. I got an Indian shooting a star on my Tootsie Pop. Why does that matter?
  5. A really lovely, relaxing evening with my favorite person. Doing nothing at all, really, and enjoying that luxury.


  1. I just figured out how much paid vacation I’m getting for the year and it honestly made me look at my calendar with wide eyes wondering how on earth I’m going to use up all those days. The two years I was a temp, I didn’t get paid vacation. I have more than two weeks now, besides the paid holidays, when I can spend time away from work and still get paid for it! This is so exciting! I think I’ll not work on my birthday.
  2. I’m so glad I bought the WWF Baby Animals calendar for the wall of my office. I don’t normally spend money on something like that–I can get calendars for free. But the pictures on this thing make me smile all through the month. This month it’s monkeys!
  3. I’ve replaced about half the pictures on my desk (I’m waiting for the rest to get printed and mailed to me) and I find it very refreshing! I moved one frame up next to my computer so I can see it without turning around. It’s just a picture of grass and small white flowers, but it’s so peaceful and relaxing.
  4. I think I might be able to pay off the Target card, and still manage to get $1000 in the savings account this month, and still be able to buy a few pairs of socks from Sock Dreams. Cross those two things off my list and still be able to buy nice things?! Awesomesauce.


  1. Chai tea with honey and pumpkin spice soy milk. Heavenly!
  2. No time to exercise at home today? No worries! I’m running back and forth from one side of the building to the other all day long!
  3. Good times with friends online.
  4. Random coworker gave me a lift to the parking lot to save me steps out in the windy, chilly weather.
  5. Pictures in the mail! Excellent! I can update my work desk pictures!