Grace in Small Things (part 10 with only a few more to go)


  1. Getting paid to stay home with an upset stomach.
  2. Curling up and watching a movie at my computer.
  3. Attending an important meeting in my pajamas over the phone.
  4. Pasta with butter and Parmesan cheese.
  5. Being able to customize my website all on my own.
  6. Falling asleep while reading a book.


  1. Getting back to work and not being overwhelmed with projects after being out the day before.
  2. Justin updating my website so all my old posts (from the last backup) and the new interface are all set up for me to play with. And play with them I can! I can do so much to this new site! It’s amazing!
  3. Hearing that my glasses are ready for me to come get fitted. Now I just have to wait until Friday afternoon when I have time to go in to the office.
  4. Really delicious orzo pasta with garlic chicken and sun-dried tomato pesto topped with Parmesan cheese. Such a surprising, unplanned, delicious dinner!
  5. Justin coming to bed shortly after me so we can snuggle as I fall asleep.


  1. Wonderful, delicious music to drown out the rumblings of the ventilation downstairs and mumblings of my coworkers. Not that they’re bad people. I’m just too tired and too irritable to be patient with them today.
  2. Beautiful sunshine and breezes outside on lunch reminded me a spring days when I was younger, running across barely-thawed ground, trying to get a kite into the wind.
  3. Finally getting the comments to work on my website.
  4. Black socks with white polka dots and white heals and toes. A little pinchy at the tops, but so dang cute!!
  5. There’s not much that can help soothe bad news in a short time frame but cuddles, calming words, a hot shower, and lots of sparkle-filled lavender lotion.


  1. My desktop on my computer at work is so fantastic now that I got an IT guy to remove all the icons that he could. He had to leave two, plus the recycle bin which I wanted to keep, because of corporate policy. One of those icons, though, I can make into a tool bar that auto-hides along the side. Leaving me only 2 icons on my desktop, plus the icon for my current project. So clean! So fantastic!
  2. I got a Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit from a coworker. So very not healthy or diet food, but mmmmmmm, delicious.
  3. Really, really good cross-site meeting to discuss the audit form I’ve been laboring over for the last month and then some. Seriously, it’s impressive to get a dozen people to agree on questions to organize office spaces across four different sites 20 times over. We have 5 more questions to go and then we’re done.
  4. Beautiful clouds as I left work. I took pictures in the parking lot at work and also stopped along the side of the road through the marsh. I live in such a beautiful area!
  5. Discovering that I made an accounting error of $500 while planning out the bills that means that we’re actually TOTALLY FINE and can even possibly pay off the Target card this month, even though we spent an enormous amount of money on computer parts for Justin. And here I’ve been freaking out! We’re good! What a relief!


  1. The electrician came and replaced the thermostat on our hot water heater. With all luck, this will mean that we won’t be alternating between scalding our skin off and not having any hot water at all. Only time will tell.
  2. I got my new glasses! They are the awesomest of all awesome glasses. I love them!
  3. I was able to schedule Justin for an eye appointment early tomorrow morning instead of having to try to figure out when he could get out of work to go and having to deal with his eye hurting for over the weekend and not knowing why.
  4. There’s a new shop open next to our ophthalmologist’s office. They sell fudge and turtles and ice cream and all sorts of handmade sweet goodness. Ohmygoshgood!
  5. I ordered a Zen Stone Plus with speaker with Christmas money! A gift card we accidentally cut to pieces so we can only use it online for toys. I’m getting a music box for when I’m running! I wish it was already here!

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  1. I love these posts! They really give me insight into who you are as well as what you are doing!



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